Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Three Months Later.....

Back in August, I mentioned in passing that we were attempting to sew Roman shades for our living room. Three months later, we finally have success in that we have one (of three) done.

Roman Shade down

Roman Shade detail

With this rapid progress, we might have them all done by June. *laughs hysterically* Actually, I have the fabric cut out for the other two and a week of vacation at home after Christmas, so I am hoping to finish the other two during that time.

I find it horribly ironic that just as I was finishing the shade, there was a massive recall on all corded shades. *more maniacal laughter* I will just have to take precautionary measures with unborn Baby F because there is no way that I am finding another drapery option after all the sweat, backache, and money I invested in these.

Lessons learned from this project:

1. A simple project is never simple.

I remember looking at this tutorial and thinking, "oh, this will be pretty easy peasy. This should take me no time to whip up despite my almost complete lack of sewing skills."

2. I hate cutting out fabric.

I really do. I hate trying to square the fabric off--ripping or slowly unraveling the thread. And no matter how meticulous I am with my measuring, the fabric is never square and always a bit wonky. I dream about a large empty table, preferably gridded, and devoted only to fabric cutting. Instead, I push the living room furniture out of the way and make due with the carpet.

3. Drapery fabric is the worst.

Mostly because it is huge and unwieldy.

I must persevere however because Mr. F. won't let me work on other projects until this one is done. I say "let" but really he just gives me reproachful glances coupled with comments about how the neighbors can "look right into our house" and "we have no privacy." Sheesh! Who needs privacy anyways? It is entirely overrated.

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