Monday, November 2, 2009

19 Weeks

Fact: It is much more interesting to see other’s pregnancy progression than your own.

It was so fun to see the growing belly of my co-worker; she is 10 weeks ahead of me in this pregnancy game. I got very excited when she was showing more and more. I do not, however, have the same enthusiasm for my changing physique. In fact, it is hard for me to retain any self-esteem as day by day my girth increases. I need to start chanting the mantra that Mr. F. introduced to me yesterday: Pregnancy is the new Pretty.

Fact: Hormones can take you on a heck of a carnival ride.

Based on the early part of my pregnancy, I thought I was going to sail through this pregnancy thing without much hormonal melodrama. *snort!* Now I realize that it just takes time for your hormones to ramp up to sufficient melodrama levels. Emotionally, I feel like I have just stepped off of a wild carnival ride with the ground and my surroundings still in motion. I go from anger one minute to depression the next quickly followed by some other new feeling shortly after. At times, I simply don’t know what to do with myself.

Fact: I am housing a living being.

I was nervous when my midwife asked me at my 17 week appointment if my baby was active or not, and I hadn’t felt anything yet. This worry increased when my advisor asked me a week later if I had felt anything. “No,” I said. “But then again, I don’t know what I am supposed to be feeling.” She said the best description she had heard was that the movements felt like a silverside swimming and flipping about. A couple of days later, I felt exactly that. I felt like I had a fish stuck “down there”, swimming around with the occasional bumping against the bowl that was my uterus. On Sunday, however, I felt what must be an actual foot or hand knocking against the barrier. It is exciting, but also weird.

Fact: I have become less modest about my body and its issues.

I have heard that women become less modest as they give birth. However, I think it might start earlier than right at the moment of birth, or perhaps it is just me. In any case, I have found myself lately a little bit less modest when it comes to talking about my nether regions. For example, I am going to share with you two items that have saved my bottom. The first is wet wipes. People, they aren’t just for babies. Sometimes a person’s bottom just can’t deal with the dry stuff. I find this is increasingly the case as I become more and more pregnant. The second item is bum cream. Increased pressure to your bottom region is SO NOT FUN. Having a sore bottom is SO NOT FUN. This magical cream soothes a lot of problems, and it can be a useful item even if you aren’t pregnant. Sure, mock me if you will, but there will come a time when you might take these words and suggestions a little more seriously.

Fact: Heartburn is a real phenomenon and it sucks.

Prior to being pregnant, I didn’t really experience heartburn. And sure, I was a bit unsympathetic to Mr. F.’s heartburn plights. “What do you mean you can’t eat tomatoes?! What am I supposed to fix? Everything has tomatoes in it!” I am sure Mr. F. is finding my heartburn woes now sweet justice to my insensitivity of the past. It was Mr. F. who had to identify my symptoms as those of heartburn, since I was pretty clueless. He also had to practically force feed me Tums after I ignored his kind suggestions for weeks on end. In any case, I have learned that some foods just aren’t my friend. I am hoping that all the old wives tales are true, and my persistent heartburn indicates that I will birth a baby with lots of hair.

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Misty said...

I had heartburn x4 and bald babies x4. So not true for me. I didn't feel Nathan (my oldest) move until after my 20 week u/s. It was 21-22 weeks when I felt it. Each pregnancy after that I recognized the feeling much sooner.

Lady Susan said...

Misty, thanks for shooting down the hope. ;)


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