Thursday, September 10, 2009

Symptoms No. 2 and 3

Pregnancy Symptom No. 2: Fatigue

Was there actually a time when I felt motivated to do anything other than sleep, read, watch TV, and occasionally eat (but only because I have to)? Because, I can’t seem to recall such a time. Memories, current events, daily happenings, etc. have suddenly become clouded in a fog of fatigue. A friend of mine told me she started running in the mornings and is training for a couple of races. The thought of hauling one’s body out of bed first thing in the morning to expend that much energy seems like a completely foreign concept to me, yet it was only a few months ago that I too was doing that same thing. Mind Boggling.

I have never felt so tired for so long before. If I wasn’t so very much aware of my pregnant state, I would seriously think I have contracted mono, sleeping sickness, chronic fatigue syndrome, or some other such debilitating condition. I keep thinking of all the things that I would like to get done before the baby is due (or just get done period), but I can’t seem to rouse myself to do any of them. (Well, besides suggesting to the hubs that it would be wonderful if, you know, he painted our bedroom—which he did.)

I thought last week, as I had an uncharacteristic burst of energy, that I was emerging from the dark, dark tunnel. After all, I was 11 weeks—just one week short of the magical 12. However, I had a relapse over the weekend, and haven’t quite recovered. Besides, I have heard that although 12 weeks is the official end of the first trimester, I won’t really be feeling well until week 16 or so (which is utter CRAP, if you ask me. Stop messing with my mind people!)

Pregnancy Symptom No. 3: “Where did these things come from?”

Do you recall one of the side perks of “Project Slimdown? It was the effective elimination of “bust gapage” in my shirts. It was wonderful. It was the return to normal. Too bad I couldn’t enjoy that period for longer. The truth is: gapage is back. At least, I think so. Truthfully, I have been a little scared to try on those particular shirts for fear of what I might see. In either case, I know things have changed in the *hem* “pectoral region.” In fact, I am kind of wondering how long it is appropriate to be stuffing my obviously increasing chest into my size A cups. Any suggestions/recommendations out there? And to further increase the awkwardness of this conversation, I will be honest and state that I am finding it hard to adjust to my new size. I mean, I keep running into myself. *shudder*

Other pregnancy related disclosures: I have taken to undoing the top button of my pants. This somewhat embarrasses me. Hitherto, such behavior was only excusable at Thanksgiving and perhaps (if we are pushing it) a really nice, expensive dinner (depending on the outfit one wore). However, I am finding it really uncomfortable in my pants right now, especially when sitting at a desk all day. On Tuesday, I indulged my inner slob/comfort demon and wore stretchy pants to work. It was glorious. However, I still do retain some semblege of decency and fashion, so I am back to wearing my regular pants the rest of the week. At some point, I am going to have to give in and either purchase larger pants and/or maternity clothes. *sigh* Is it bad that I dream of stretchy pants? Because I really do. I need more of them.


Lin said...

target and kohls have really cute (and affordable) maternity clothes - some old navy stores do as well. i say go get yourself stretchy pants that can pass off as real pants!

Misty said...

Get a belly band. It's a stretchy piece of fabric that you put around your waist to hold your regular pants up while leaving them unbuttoned. Or go the cheap route and rubber band the button to the button hole, then roll the waistband down under the belly and wear a long shirt. (that's what I did. lol)

Have to say, this whole post made me giggle though. :) I love pregnant people.

Kirsten said...

Ah, good to see that you are communicating your emerging state with the same humour and wit as always ;) I haven't known many pregnant people, so look forward to further updates!

I'll always remember your early-morning motivated self - she was real!!!

Washington Hills said...

I agree with all the comments. The tired thing is how I know the moment I'm prego. I fall asleep standing up.


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