Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Matchmaker, Matchmaker

My graduate advisor is a matchmaker, or a modern-day prophet, or perhaps both. This is despite the fact that (or perhaps because of?) he is your typical absent-minded professor. Let me present the evidence as it stands.


When my advisor interviewed his current faculty research assistant (FRA) for the job, he mentioned the deplorable dating scene. “I will tell you this right now. The dating opportunities here are non-existent. I warn you now, up front, that you probably won’t date much, if at all, while you work here.” However, after a brief interlude of working here, the FRA met her current spouse and shortly thereafter married the bloke.

When I interviewed for a graduate position here, my advisor had a similar conversation:

Advisor: Are you single? Are you dating anyone?

Lady Susan: Yes, I am single, and No, I am not dating anyone.

*advisor looks a bit grim*

Advisor: Well this isn’t necessarily the best place for singles. I wouldn’t get your hopes up in regards to meeting anyone.

Lady Susan: I can assure you, my expectations are very low indeed.

And I was saying the absolute truth. I had no expectations of meeting anyone here-- the middle of nowhere at the edge of the world. I didn’t, however, count on the matchmaking powers of my advisor. And you know the rest of that story.

Those from his lab have teased my advisor about his matchmaking abilities, and together, we have chuckled over fate and the mysterious paths that it takes. I guess we underestimated the depths of his powers, though. We had no idea that he was also a bit of a modern-day prophet.


The lab group went out to lunch. Out of the four students and FRA, two of us were in the process of finishing our degrees—a master (me) and a doctorate (another girl). While eating and enjoying each other’s conversation, my advisor made some sort of joking comment that most likely me, the FRA (B.) and the doctoral student (L.), would all get pregnant at the same time. We laughed. (Ha ha! Wouldn’t that be funny!) However, we didn’t take his comment too seriously. After all, I had been married for less than a year at the time, and L. was starting a new post-doctoral position.

*Time passes*.

In June, B. broke that she was expecting—A baby boy will join their family at the end of January. Ironically, within the week of her spilling the beans, I found out that I was expecting as well. My due date? End of March. I broke the news to my advisor a couple of weeks ago at another lab dinner. I thought to recall him to those fateful words he spoke the previous year.

Lady Susan: Wouldn’t it be hilarious if L. was pregnant as well?

Advisor: I just saw her last week at a conference. She was very much not pregnant. She’s been running, and she looks great.

*Lady Susan tries not to take that comment personally, but pregnancy hormones being what there are… She thinks, “And what? I don’t look great? It is obvious that I am not running?”*

*fast forward to the beginning of this week. B. steps into my office.*

B.: I have some news.

Lady Susan: News?! You know how I like news!

B.: D. (our advisor) saw L. this past week at another conference. And guess who is pregnant?!

Lady Susan: *Gasp* No!

B.: Yup. L. is about 9 weeks along and is due sometime in May.

So you see; there is great power there. He either has great visionary abilities, or just gets incredibly lucky with his less than politically correct comments. What do you think?

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