Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The End of an Era

Sr. Loco is married.

(Let’s take a moment for that statement to really sink in, shall we?)

He was married a couple of weeks ago to a woman with two kids. That is all anyone seems to know. However, unlike previous “relationships,” there were eyewitnesses at the wedding, so it is assumed that 1) she was aware of and 2) consented to the relationship, both remarkable given Sr. Loco’s history. However, it was apparently too much to ask that this Era would pass quietly and without any repercussions to myself.

About a month ago, I received an email from one of Sr. Loco’s roommates—KM. Here it is paraphrased:

KM to Lady Susan: Please return to me the $400 dollars that I gave to you over a year ago.

I think that a brief history is in order. Please bear with me; I will try to be brief.

Over a year ago, I rented a house with Sr. Loco and other girl, KT. In the lease, that only Sr. Loco signed, it stated that “the tenant [Sr.Loco] understands that this lease is to be honored as a one year lease which will automatically renew itself after the expiration date unless otherwise noted by either owner or tenant 30 days prior to the expiration of this lease.” We stayed for the duration of the lease. At the end of the lease, it was determined that I would leave (having just gotten married), and that Sr. Loco and KT would stay on for another year. In my place, they found another girl-KM. The Landlords were notified of this situation (although it really didn’t matter as longer as the signee of the lease—Sr. Loco—stayed on), a new lease was signed, and all were happy and hunky-dory. It was agreed upon by the roommates that KM, the girl who would be taking my place, would give me her deposit, with the understanding that when she left, she would get the deposit that I gave initially.

Fast forward a year. Both Sr. Loco and KT are leaving. KM is staying on with two new roommates. Out of the blue, I get an email that is sent to myself as well as Sr. Loco.

Hey guys, I just got back from signing a new lease and speaking with the Landlords. They were a little upset that you didn't give them 30 days notice when you left even though you found someone to take your spot. They understand that you were rolling over the deposit, but would have liked to have known that you were leaving so that they could make sure there was no damage to your bedrooms. Understandably they were upset that they didn't know who was living in their house. {Apparently this applies to both myself and to Sr. Loco.--even though we are talking about two separate leases right here.}

Anyway, they would like us to pay new deposits this time around so we could just start new. Lady Susan, since I paid you $400 for a deposit {which transaction was in essence me getting my deposit back that I paid at the beginning of my lease and her paying her deposit for the start of her lease}, I was hoping that you could return that money to me so that I could use it for my deposit.

Points I would like to make against this plan for me to lose my $400 deposit:

1. At no point, was I ever required to give a 30-day notification of my leaving. My name was nowhere to be seen on the lease.

2. A new lease was signed after my leaving. A lease, of which terms I know nothing. Furthermore, it is assumed that in renewing the lease with Sr. Loco, the Landlords were perfectly happy with the fulfillment of the prior lease, of which I was apart.

I think it is apparent by all except for perhaps the poor fools involved that the Landlords are shady and are trying to extract money through the easiest avenue available to them—by withholding the deposit. What KM should really be fighting for is the deposit that I paid the Landlords which is now rightfully hers (given that they didn’t destroy the house in that year). She should not be asking me to hand over the $400 dollars so that she can pay the greedy Landlords more money. Unfortunately for KM, Sr. Loco allowed for a legal loophole on behalf of the Landlords since he didn’t give the Landlords 30 days prior notice (written) that he was not renewing the lease. This, you know, sucks for them, but I really don’t understand why I am even a part of this conversation. If KM should be upset at anyone it should be 1) the shady landlords and 2) Incompetent Sr. Loco.

Which is what I told both KM and Sr. Loco as the emails started flurrying back and forth.

This is Sr. Loco’s enlightened reply:

The bottom line is that you were involved in a deposit transfer that they all of a sudden have decided that they do not approve. {Like I care if they “approve” or not. They are scamming you! They are just throwing out accusations that are completely unsubstantiated and wouldn’t hold up in small claims court.} That's why you are involved in this conversation. Because if [KM and new roommates] have to pay a new deposit she will be out $400 for a deposit that she paid to you and that the landlords have a problem with this. {At which point I am thinking that KM should be pissed at the Landlords and not me. Is the question “who should be scammed out of $400 dollars, me or KM?" Sorry, but I am not so self-sacrificing.} So we have all made mistakes in this situation {no mistake here, thanks!} including them which gives us a valid reason to fight it. {True, YOU guys should fight it since it is about the fulfillment of YOUR lease}. Sorry you feel you shouldn't be involved in this but since you received money from Kathleen for this deposit that makes you involved. {That point is debatable} Let's just hope it can be sorted out in a way that everyone can live with. {Yes, let’s. And let’s hope that I don’t have to be the sacrificial lamb forking up $400.}

The end of the story is rather un-climatic. After a few more emails, things sort of petered out, and I never heard from either KM or Sr. Loco again. I not quite sure how the issues were resolved in regards to the deposit. However, what ticked me off most about the whole situation was that I was made to look like the bad guy. That somehow, it was me rather than the Landlords, who were stiffing KM out of $400 dollars.

But like I said before, it was too much to ask that Sr. Loco be completely removed from my life without one last dramatic exit. Let’s just hope that all my affairs with him are now at an end.

(In case you are new here and have missed the entire era that is defined by my association with Sr. Loco, you may find the archives here.)

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Wild Rose said...


Does the new little being inside of you have a nickname as well? I was just thinking back to all of your previous amorous and not-so-amorous relationship and thinking that that era had come to an end as well ... But you are married to "Mr F." So, perhaps it isn't over yet.


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