Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Wow. It has been a month since my last post. I am pretty sure people have all but forgotten this little corner of the internet. As depressing as my stats may be, I will persevere in my obscurity.

The truth is; I have been stricken with a sort of malaise--the kind of malaise that renders me incapable of doing much besides sleeping, reading, and being generally lazy. While this sort of behavior is excused while vacationing (something Mr. F. and I have been doing a lot of these past two weeks), it is generally not looked on favorably in your normal day-to-day environment. Therefore, I must attempt to rally myself into some sort of activity.

But first things first. I am pretty sure I heard a resounding cry from the world wide web for a travel log of the last two weeks. Was I right? You see, I can sense these things.

We started off flying to Albuquerque, NM (in which I will never live, if only because I can’t spell the name) to visit Mr. F.’s grandparents and to chauffeur them to Utah for Mr. F.’s Brother’s wedding. Mr. F.’s grandparents are the cutest of grandparents, and I adopted them immediately and made them mine. We had a great time with them. However, I think we slipped too easily into their schedules. Mr. F. and I often headed to bed a half hour earlier than they and slept in a half hour to an hour later. Yes, it appears that Mr. F. and I are really 87 year-olds at heart. Mr. F. kept track of who slept more on the drive to Utah, me or Grandpa, and I won, although by a narrow margin.

The pace picked up a bit once in Utah, and we were shepherd from location to location. I got to meet a lot of Mr. F.’s extended family, and was relieved to find that, on the whole, they appear to be a rather normal, functioning crowd. (*whew!* Dodged a bullet with that one.) I even managed to squeeze in time to visit a couple of my aunts and uncles. All in all, good times. The wedding itself was lovely, and the bride and groom seemed genuinely happy. I expect Austenesque felicity in the forthcoming years.

We flew back home to wash many loads of laundry in preparation of our next trip: BEACH WEEK! Every year my sisters and families rent a beach house in the Outer Banks of NC for a week. Well, last year was an exception as I had the audacity to go get married and M had ill advisedly planned the birth of her third child during prime beach vacationing time. I don’t think N has really forgiven us from depriving her of a week long vacation at the beach. Previous trips have been documented here.

The weather was perfect, if a bit warm. The water was calm and I enjoyed my four favorite activities:


Playing with the Wee Bairns

Playing in the water

Sleeping. (Sorry, no picture. You will have to trust me on this one.)

It is amazing how doing absolutely nothing can really wipe a person out. Luckily, we had whole day to recoup from our vacation before we had to return to the daily grind of work.

There, your curiosity should be thoroughly satisfied.

*crickets chirping and a complete absence of sound*

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