Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A Summer Pie

The Fourth passed quietly and without incident in our household. Mr. F. had just arrived home after a week of scout camp, and I was content to just spend the evening with him--enjoying being back in his company. I had briefly thought about having a picnic dinner outside and then watching the fireworks, but then thought that Mr. F. would be grateful to spend the evening in the cool of an air-conditioned home. The latter proved to be correct.

I did however, make a pie over the weekend. I made it in part because it seemed sacrilegious not to consume pie over the Fourth of July weekend, and also because it is already the middle of summer and my stone fruit consumption is at historic lows. I don't want September to roll around and not to have sufficiently gorged myself on peaches, plums, and nectarines.

I found this recipe on line, and followed it to the letter, using this crust. I am not going to post the entire thing here, because it is ridiculously long. However, I do have a couple of notes:

1. It was dang good. So make it.

2. Start the crust the day before you want to eat the pie, because it is ridiculously complicated. When I first bit into it, I wasn't convinced that the end result merited all the hoopla involved. (Chill the flour?! Three separate chilling times?!) However, the crust has grown on me as I continue to consume the leftovers. I still think, though, that I favor my normal pie crust.

3. Wait until it cools until you cut it. I never seem to be able to do this. Partly because I finish baking my pies at 8:30 p.m. or so, and I really want a slice before I go to bed. However, if you follow my example, the juices with run and it will be kind of messy. If follow the recipe instructions like a good little girl or boy, then you will have a perfectly set pie.


Melanie said...

Mmm, looks so good. I've been watching episodes of Pushing Daisies online, which has given me an incredible craving for pie (the main character is a pie maker). So I bought some rhubarb from the farmer's market and made a strawberry rhubarb pie.

Lady Susan said...


I love Pushing Daisies and am so sad that it has ended. :( I had a craving for pie every time I saw an episode.

I love pie. Whenever I make one, I always think to myself, "I should make pie more often." But as Mr. F. told me this week, that probably wouldn't be the wisest decision.


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