Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A Funk

I am in a funk--a dark, gloomy funk. I feel as though my mind and body has inexplicably metamorphosed from flesh and bone to solid, gray lead, leaving me feeling heavy and sluggish.

It's a dreadful feeling.

The creative juices have also ceased to flow. I have spent the last few minutes thinking about what to write and attempting to jot down thoughts and ideas only to discard them mid-sentence.


So much effort.


Wild Rose said...

even though you didn't ask for advice, and i don't like it when others tell me what to do to get rid of a particular mood, here are some ideas to alleviate the funk.
1. dance to music in the dark
2. stand on your head
3. find a new recipe to try (oh, how i love smitten kitchen ...)
4. laugh for no good reason, even if you don't feel like laughing, that, and smiling, sometimes can improve a gloomy mood.

Washington Hills said...

Why is it bad to be in a funk, but cool to be considered funky?


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