Monday, June 29, 2009

The Fate from which Mr. F. Saved Me

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I heard this little tidbit on the news driving home yesterday

Officials have declared a home uninhabitable after nearly 200 cats were found inside, including dozens of dead animals stored in freezers.

Sheriff's Office spokesman said deputies, animal control officers, and the county SPCA found cats roaming freely and cats in cages at the home. He says upstairs there were as many as 15 to 20 cats per room and indications that some of the animals are ill.

At this point I had to wonder what were the indications of illness. Vomit? Feces? Clumps of hair? I can only imagine the horrible sights and smell. Once again, I have to be thankful for my chosen profession.

There was plenty of food and water for the cats and several litter boxes in each room. The official said the homeowner claims she rescued the animals, but did not explain why she was keeping dozens of dead animals in two freezers.

Dead animals in the freezer! Eew! But then again, how do you properly dispose of the remains of hundreds of cats? I am hoping that her reason for freezing the animals was benign--a question of logistics rather than storing up food for the hard winter ahead. Which begs the question, how do you dispose of cat remains? Had she put them in the dumpster, she would have to deal with the smell until the garbage was picked up. Also, the dumpster dudes (what is the proper name for them these days?) might have become suspicious with the number of carcasses showing up in the trash and reported her. Neighbors would start to wonder what she was burying if she disposed of them in her yard. Quite the dilemma, I must say.

The county office of permits and inspections declared the house uninhabitable.

Well, that's obvious.

Yup, that could have been me. Well, theoretically. In reality, I would have perished before any of the poor cats due to my severe cat allergy. But, that is beside the point. Everyone knows that spinsterhood leads to crazy cat lady with 200 cats. Thank you Mr. F. for saving me from a fate worse than death.


Janssen said...

Oh that is just DISGUSTING. Of course, I don't really like cats either.

heidikins said...

Gaaah! That's wrong! Wrongity-wrong-wrong.


I also don't like cats. Kittens, of course, but cats are just "meh".


Anonymous said...

Even if you had stayed a "spinster" I can hardly imagine you with even one cat let alone 200...puke.


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