Friday, May 15, 2009

Storm Chaser

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Since submitting my thesis, I have been working part time for two different labs. Instead of fish, I find myself studying streams and water chemistry. Surprisingly, it has been a nice break. One of my responsibilities is to chase storms. Our field sites are these restored streams in an urban area, 1 hour away from where I work. To determine the effectiveness of the stream restoration, we have to sample stream discharge and nutrient concentration at all levels of flow. Naturally, we have a lot of information of base flow (as it is easy), but little information of storm events.

Murphy’s Law No. 2,547: It never rains when you need or expect it to.

According to three different weather sites, it was supposed to rain last night and this morning. It appeared to be a great opportunity to measure water flow at high levels. So, I dragged my sorry, tired body out of bed this morning and found that 1) it did not rain last night and 2) it didn’t look like it was going to rain at all this today.

Well, that sucks.

Which is why it came to be 6:30 in the morning, and I am writing a post for my blog.

Have I ever mentioned how much it physically pains me to not have a plan? Last minute decisions are SO not my forte, and I foresee continual issues with this particular project. Yeah, the weather and I? No longer BFFs. Fickle, fickle friend.

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