Thursday, May 28, 2009

Project Slimdown

I am not a believer in diets, especially crazy ones which tell you to not eat carbohydrates (a.k.a. my version of hell), or only eat cabbage soup. I have always viewed weight as a mass balance equation:

Energy consumed – energy burned = weight gain or loss

I figured that as long as I was exercising, I didn’t have to pay too much attention to what I ate (besides making more or less healthy choices). This has held true for about 10 out of my 12 years as an adult. My weight has remained pretty steady, except for small increases when, you know, my hips suddenly expanded at the age of 25 (prepping themselves for some future childbirth).

And then…..came then……

Mr. F.

I have heard that many people gain weight in their first few years of marriage (let’s pretend it is not just because people are going crazy making babies, shall we?). I supposed it also doesn’t help that both Mr. F. and I love food. (How can I not eat a homemade pretzel even though I am not particularly hungry?) Perhaps I would feel a bit better about any weight gain if it was shared equally between us, but Mr. F. has the metabolism of a humming bird, darn him! All I know is that about three weeks ago I stepped on the scale to have it read the highest it has ever read. EVER. (It didn’t really help that it was around a certain time of month, either). There was also no good reason for this weight gain. On the contrary, I should have been in really great shape with the amount of exercise I was doing. I realized then that I had unknowingly increased the amount that I was consuming while everything else stayed the same. It wasn’t a huge jump, but I knew full well where this slippery slope was going to take me, and I was NOT going to go there.

It was at that point that I instigated PROJECT SLIMDOWN.

(Actually, I first got incredibly depressed and proceeded to interrogate Mr. F: “Do I look fat to you? Do I look like I gained weight? I don’t want to be fat!” At which point he said, “No, you are fine, but if you are really bothered by this, why don’t go on a diet?” To which I replied, “but I don’t know how to diet!”)

The objective of Project Slimdown is the following: to loose 10 pounds in three months.

See? Nothing too drastic. Just a small reversal of direction. I am actually well on target—I have lost 5 pounds so far. Five pounds that I think are actual pounds and not fluctuations in water weight. That being said, it hasn’t been a joy ride. I am meticulously counting calories of what I eat and burn and restricting my diet such that I loose a pound a week. (Using these handy tools). After I made it past the first few days where I was just hungry all the time, it wasn’t so bad. I now only have the occasional moment where I just want to stuff my face with every fatty/salty/sweet treat that I see.

Things that I have learned so far:

  • I do a lot of boredom eating. Especially when I am stuck at my desk pretending to work.
  • I often eat too fast so I don’t register until I am full to way after the fact.
  • I am pretty appalled by how few calories one should actually eat in a day (which makes me pretty confident in saying that most people probably ingest WAY more than they are burning).


  • I actually feel lighter and slimmer, which just goes to show that even 5 lbs can make a difference.
  • My pants are fitting me more like they are supposed to fit. (They were getting a bit tight before.)

I am actually a bit proud of myself for being able to stick to a plan. I haven’t ever done this before, so I wasn’t sure whether I could handle it. It makes me feel confident that if I were in a situation where I needed to loose some extra weight (say after pushing out a 10 lb baby), I could do so successfully. At least, that is what I am telling myself.

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Janssen said...

Well done! I'm very impressed!

Washington Hills said...

Lady S, I'm on this one, too. I turn 30 at the end of the summer and I had the brilliant idea of weighing my wedding weight at that time...yeah, I honestly don't know if it is possible. But like you, I struggle with boredom/stress eating. Sigh, I really need to stop eating chocolate chips, honestly. I think that and drinking more water would help significantly, smile.

Good luck!


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