Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Past 10 Years

You know facebook? That new-fangled contraption? Well, it has this wonderful way of connecting you to people that you haven’t seen since college, or high school, or if you are lucky, grade school. Fantastic right? Until you have said “Hi, how are you? You’re married? That’s great!” and then you have run out of things to say. You can’t really expect them to reply to “so, what have you been up to for the past 10+ years?” (Although, I have asked a number of people that very question. No one has really answered.)

It got me thinking. What am I interested in knowing about them? And how would I respond to a similar question? This brings me to the following: the systematic breakdown of the last 10 years of my life.

me with the college roommates (1999)

The Relationships

In which I list actual relationships, not the pseudo-relationships which include but are not limited to: bufflehead boy, museum guy, BO Boy, etc.

High school: didn’t date.

College: didn’t date.

Mission to Ukraine: didn’t date

(Not as self-explanatory as it seems—at least not in my mission. Ahem.)

Do you see a pattern? It might be kind of surprising to some that I married at all. But there it is. The first person I dated—I married. I wouldn’t necessarily recommend this method to everyone, but so far, it has worked out pretty well. I see it as divine intervention.

college graduation (2001)

in which I was never so excited about a bathroom in my life (2001)


In which I list the jobs I have had since high school.

Quality Control Specialist:

Job: I looked at mold and frozen berries.

Life lesson: the frightening nature of raspberry puree and fruit juice.

Research Technician:

Job: I introduced a non-native bug into an invasive marsh, oh and I performed heavy labor.

Life Lesson: How to walk on mud, a skill that has surprisingly been quite useful.

California Jobs

In which I work for three shady companies as:

1) an environmental activist for exactly 2 weeks

2) a receptionist for a start-up home equity company in which I learned absolutely nothing about the housing market

3) a medical biller and collector for the mafia (whose working front was a workman’s compensation clinic) in which I discovered how very white I actually was.

Administrative Assistant

Which I have been for two companies:

1) The Nazis (not to be confused with the Mafia). In which my boss was a sexist Middle Eastern stereotype.

2) An environmental consulting agency. In which I learned that I have no ambition to climb the corporate ladder.

Research Technician #2

Job: to do pretty much everything that no one else wanted to do and at insane hours.

Life Lesson: to run over the marsh like a Jesus lizard running across water. I also learned to loath any and all insects, of which there where many to loath.

Ukrainians in Ukraine (2001)

Places I have lived

Bellingham, Washington

Pasadena, California

Princeton, New Jersey

Tuckerton, New Jersey

The edge of Nowhere, USA (which competes with Tuckerton, NJ)

moving from CA to NJ (2005)

Educational Accomplishments

Majoring in Marine Biology and then getting my Masters in Fishery Science. Whoohoo! And…..I’m done. A Ph.D. is really not on the horizion at this moment in time.

running my first (and so far only) relay race (2007)

How I have changed

I have learned to get dirty. Really dirty. But I still don’t enjoy it.

I am o.k. going by myself to places and sometimes even like it.

I have learned that one can do without a whole lot of stuff--AND it is easier to move.

I can teach myself to do a lot of things: like knit, build things, grow a garden, etc.

I sometimes feel like I have become less sure of myself.

I used to be less inhibited.

I have become increasingly obsessed by food. I love it so.

I have left dancing for running and yoga. I still prefer dancing.

I have become less judgmental about other people’s life choices.

I despise the male sex less than I formerly did. I attribute that to marrying well. ;)

and , then the one of the best days of my life (2008)

How I have not changed

I still do animal impressions—although covertly and without other’s knowledge.

I still enjoy speaking in poorly executed accents.

I still prefer staying at home vs. going out.

I often prefer the company of books to actual people.

My interests have stayed the same, although they have also expanded.

I still find humor in everyday situations.

Although I have written a lot, this only glances the surface of the past 10 years. To really explain how I am different than 10 years ago would require telling stories upon stories. Like the one in which I learned I could adapt to almost anything—an epiphany I had while squatting to pee in a Ukrainian open bathroom with constipated old women on either side of me. All this makes me question how well can you really know a person? And how can you remain close even when living far apart?

I guess this is one reason why I blog. I want my friends and family to feel like they still know me, even when we are far apart and can’t see each other often. I want them to know the little, every day things, because I feel like it is all the daily little things that, over time, change who we are as individuals.

What do you think? How do you feel you have changed over the past 10 years?


Misty said...

You've got me thinking now. I might have to blog a similar post.

MBC said...

I've gotten considerably meaner in the last 10 years.

Anonymous said...

Awesome! I haven't checked out your blog in months but this is a great one! Glad to see my pic on their - shoot, was that 10 years ago!!?? Hmm... I've always thought that the big experiences were the changers, the little things change with time, but not who we are..


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