Friday, May 1, 2009

News Worthy

I have made the news! Oh wait, let me take that back. The little turd who decided to shoot out my car window with his BB gun the other day, made the news:

DESTRUCTION OF PROPERTY: Between the hours of 10:00 pm on April 28 and 6:00 am on April 29, the sheriff's office received numerous complaints (15 so far) of destruction of property. Vehicle windows were shot at and destroyed with the use of a BB gun (like mine for example). Investigation identified a witness who gave a description of a suspect’s vehicle: a two-door, dark, mid-1990 Cadillac Elderado. (Because isn’t that just a cliché?) A police officer observed the suspected vehicle in the area. The driver of the vehicle committed a traffic violation and was stopped. (Which just goes to show you that most miscreants are incredibly stupid. Why don’t you make it as easy as possible for you to get caught? However, I am not complaining, since I want to see this little punk pay!) As the officer was speaking with the driver, a 17 year-old male, he observed BB's lying throughout the vehicle (won’t reiterate the incredibly stupid part. This is why you need to stay in schools boys and girls.) The officer asked the driver to step away from the vehicle. As the driver was stepping from the vehicle the officer observed a BB gun, a CO2 box, and a box of Daisy BB's in the vehicle. (Sweet evidence!) The juvenile was arrested and charged with 5 counts of destruction of property (which includes Miss Mabel, my car) and one count of malicious destruction of property, valued over $500. The juvenile was released to his mother (who I hoped tanned his sorry hide. But I am not holding my breath). The investigation is continuing and more charges may be pending.

Before I knew the age of the miscreant, I had assumed that his parents had either allowed him to purchase a BB gun or bought one for him, which to me seemed the height of stupidity. In doing so, parents are basically giving the kid a carte blanche to perform random acts of vandalism. One might has well give him a can of spray paint and teach him gangsta writing. As it was, I guess the little turd could have purchased the gun on his own without his parents’ knowledge.

This experience has just further cemented my opinion, that all guns (which include BB guns) are evil. I am also of the opinion that most gun owners do not have the necessary intelligence to own weapons of death and destruction.


Washington Hills said...

Is your car's name Miss Mabel?

Lady Susan said...

Yup. I named my car Miss Mabel.


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