Monday, May 4, 2009

"Mary, Mary quite contrary"

Last year, Mr. F. and I successfully planted and harvested our herb garden. All of the perennial plants weathered the winter well and are back in abundance as you can see below. The basil that we planted from last year's seeds are busting out, and soon, I will have to decide just how much basil I actually want. Can one ever have enough basil? We added cilantro to the mix this year, and the other day I noticed that we have dill from our plant last year popping up all over the garden. Learned a bit too late that dill is equivalent to mint in terms of tenacity. Oops.

In addition to our herb garden, we are attempting a vegetable garden for the first time. We have to grow in raised beds since our house is on a very firm foundation of rock hard clay. Don't let that grass fool you. That is a very thin veneer.

We are starting off small. We are growing lettuce, spinach, carrots, green onions, and cucumbers. We tried to pick items not focused on by our CSA (tomatoes, peppers, etc). Perhaps in future years we will expand. I am really looking forward to those evenings where I can just walk out to my backyard and pick me the makings of a salad. Yumm. I think it is the only thing I am looking forward to this summer.

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Janssen said...

Oh, how I wish I had a garden. I have one pot of basil. Not bad, right?


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