Sunday, April 19, 2009

Iron Woman

When I was recently diagnosed as being anemic, it came as a surprise only to myself. Both my sister and Mr. F. said, “Well perhaps the iron pills will stop you from being so tired all the time.”

I was tired all the time? I just chalked it up to the fact that I just needed a lot of sleep (9+ hours). And my circadian rhythm was such that I always wanted a nap at 2 p.m. And I just had narcoleptic tendencies which included falling asleep if having to sit in one location for longer than an hour.

O.k. So perhaps I was tired. The point is: I didn’t realize that this was not normal. It seems like I have been like this forever. However, after seriously upping my iron dosage this past week and seeing the immediate results (not so tired in the early afternoon, no spontaneously falling asleep, etc), I can fully appreciate what it is like to actually have energy. So perhaps I’m not inherently lazy, as I secretly feared. What a relief!

Before taking iron supplements, I felt that I had a set quota of energy for the day, and more often than not, any exercise in the morning drained me of all of it. As I have been quite determined to maintain a regular workout schedule, you can only imagine how useless and unproductive most of my days have been. Now, I appear to have the energy to both 1) exercise and 2) actually perform work. (Gee, I wished I had figured this out when I was writing my thesis. The extra energy would have really sped things along, I think). I hope in the future this energy will extend to running longer distances at perhaps a faster pace. I find it interesting that when Janssen posted about her experiences with running and being anemic, I thought the symptoms sounded slightly familiar despite being able to run around three miles. At the time, I didn’t do anything about it. Don’t be stupid like me. If this sounds familiar, have the smarts to have it checked out by your physician. You will only start feeling loads better.

And it isn’t just me who is enamored with her iron pills

Here is Jane extolling the virtues of adequate iron intake.

Unlike the horse pills of past generations, today's supplements are the size of a small aspirin tablet. Here Jane is modeling the convenient size. Look how well it goes with the gown and bonnet.

Jane loves her iron pills so much that she just wants to hug them, love them, and then put them in her pocket.

With her new-found energy, Jane decides to take a turn about the room.


Janssen said...

This whole post is great, but those last pictures of Jane just make it a hundred times better.

Glad you're having such good results. Off to take my iron pill this morning!

Katie said...

Jane has convinced me to look into taking more iron.

On a side note...I had no idea there were Jane action figures....COOL

Washington Hills said...

Lady Susan, I can't write for laughing...


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