Wednesday, February 25, 2009


When Mr. F. and I got married, we were pretty well set-up in the household item/kitchen appliance arena-- Mr. F. because he owned a home and actually had money in which to purchase such needed items and I because I had given up on actually getting married in the near future and wanted nice pots and pans to cook in versus those commonly found at Goodwill. That’s just what happens when you are an independent adult when you get married versus two infants straight out of college starting adult life together. So when we were filling out our gift registry, we viewed it as an opportunity to ask for really nice items that otherwise we wouldn’t splurge on, such as 700 thread count sheets.

The story with the sheets was as follows: We were in a department store looking at linens for our registry. Lined up next to each sheet type was a sample pillowcase that one could feel. We were touching, touching, touching when…….stop. We felt the softest cotton imaginable. Yup. 700 thread count. “Should we register for it?” we asked. “Yes,” we agreed. If we could score these sheets, we would be enjoying some serious sleep time.

My sister was in charge of buying me a group gift from the ladies of my previous ward. The money happened to be almost exactly the cost of these sheets (which were also on sale!). I told her that what we would like best from our list were those sheets, so she bought them for us. She received a lot of raised eyebrows from the ladies whose money she spent. “700 thread count sheets! Who needs that?” was the general consensus.

I have never heard the end of that decision. Just this last week, the sister who bought the sheets for us, made some sort of comment about how the two of us (Mr. F. and I) are high-maintenance (a reference to “The Princess and the Pea” might have been made), and that we require some unholy thread count sheet to be happy. To her recollection we had registered and received sheets with a thread count in the thousands. I don’t even think they make sheets with that kind of thread count. But she was positive. The sheets were at least 1000 thread count. She had bought them after all!

(O.k. I just checked. You can get sheets in with 1500 + thread count. However, let me assure you, ours were a modest 700.)

Among our other wedding purchases was a nice, king size bed. In case you haven’t picked up on this by now, Mr. F and I are serious sleep junkies. We NEED sleep and a fair amount of it. I also tend to flail a bit when I sleep. Last night, for example, I dreamt I was ironing (how domestic is that?!). In actuality, I was banging Mr. F. on the head. Luckily, Mr. F. was warned about this in advance, and it was agreed upon by the both of us, that a really nice, large bed would be a worthy recipient of our funds. We decided that the best type of bed for our two sleeping types (me: a flailer and Mr. F.: a light sleeper) would be one that minimized my flailing effect on Mr. F.—a lovely Swedish foam bed versus your typical spring bed. It has been the best decision we have ever made together. Seriously.

But, again, we get gads of flack from the family. Cue more “The Princess and the Pea” comments. I know they are just jealous. They are probably testy form not getting enough sleep due to their inferior beds and sheets. However, true vindication came in the form of the March issue of Cooking Light which had an article (“Make over your bed”) giving suggestions to “build a restful bedroom.”

*Mattress. Choosing a quality mattress helps reduce back pain. Check.

*Linens. Think about whether you like soft or crisp sheets. For crisp sheets (blech) choose linens with 200-300 threads per square inch. For soft fabrics (ahh) choose linens with 400-500 threads per square inch. Check.

The director of the Atlanta School of Sleep Medicine says, “The mattress and bedding you choose play a vital role in obtaining a good night’s rest.” And this from a DOCTOR.

Ha! Take that suckahs!


Janssen said...

This lady at my old office was told by her doctor that she needed a chair with better back support, so she hounded my boss for WEEKS telling him "I have a prescription for a better chair."

I think you should tell people you've been prescribed 700 count sheets.

Washington Hills said...

I so agree with you on the importance of nice sheets. Holy cow, three years ago, I finally decided that my bedroom/bed needed to be a beautiful place like the rest of the house...down comforter, white quilt, kind size pillows & 500 count (We're a bit below you there, wink.) sheets later, among some other room beautifications, it was the best decision!!! I STILL go to bed each night, sink in, and smile.

Good for you guys!!!

Lady Susan said...

Janssen--brilliant idea. Except then I will be like the lady in your office and I don't know how I feel about that. ;)

Washington Hills--I used to sleep on a futon that had seen better days. When we were picking out beds, I said something to the effect of, "Oh, I'm not that particular about beds. I can sleep on almost anything and be fine." Little did I know. Now, I can never go back. Oh, and we have a down comforter too. Ahh. Lovely, soft fluffiness. ;)


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