Friday, February 27, 2009

Plan B

One of the more exciting and glamorous parts of my job is to quality check data. Yeah, pretty wicked cool. However, as it uses minimal brain activity, I find I can simultaneously entertain myself by listening to podcasts of This American Life. This allows me to turn a truly sucky activity, into an entertaining and learning moment.

The episode I am listening to currently is called “Plan B”—or as I like to call it “what you do after your original plan is flushed down the toilet of despair”. The show made a point that most people are on “Plan B,” maybe even Plan C or D. It got me thinking about which Plan I was on. What was my Plan A to begin with?

To help me out, I made a little flow diagram. It turns out that I am currently on Plan D. Notice that the plans get progressively vaguer over time. For instance, I have stopped assigning ages by which I want to accomplish certain activities, and the goals themselves are less defined. In fact, now that I am on Plan D, I have given up formulating plans. There is no Plan E. Why make plans when they are destined to change?

So my question to you: What life plan letter are you on? Has life turned out like you envisioned?


Washington Hills said...

This was hilarious! My life plan is what I wish my bra size was...I'll let you guess...

Bart said...

I'm on Plan D, too (though my life plan has nothing to do with bra sizes, to be sure), and I've actually resorted to planning much more carefully than I did for Plans A, B, and C, since a lack of careful planning and preparation was the primary thing that made Plan D necessary (not the ONLY thing, but the primary thing).

But, like you, I've learned that flex-plans are more realistic than plans set on controlling the oh-so unpredictable future.


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