Thursday, February 19, 2009

In which the filter is removed

So, I am sick again. I know. One thing they don’t tell you about getting married is that you get sick more often. At least, that is the case with me. Mr. F. and I combined germ pools, and we are still adapting. I think Mr. F. has more germs in his pool than I do. That is why I am the one who is suffering.

As often the case when I get sick, I get crotchety. The filter comes off and I find myself thinking and saying very snarky comments. Here are my snarky thoughts as of late.

--Facebook statuses. I really can’t stand vague, introspective facebook statuses. Here are my favorites of late: “a better version of me” or “is letting her memories grown stronger and stronger.” Huh? I have no context to put these in people, and moreover, I don’t care. These are thoughts you should put in your diaries to make you feel wise and deep, not on the internet for people to mock.

--People’s parenting skills. There is a blog post that I read where the mother was complaining of perfect strangers coming up to her in the grocery store because her kid was standing in the basket. In her post, she made the point that if she made him sit properly in the seat then the screaming would never cease. If she lets him do whatever he bloomin’ wants, they can get through the store without a fight. She was indignant that strangers would come up to her and critique her.

I am a stranger, and I do not know this person. I also will not come up to a person in public and chew them out, because I hate confrontation. I do, however, judge them with my thoughts. Today, my thoughts tell me that this person is WRONG. There. I said it. Three year olds will fight you on practically everything. This is part of their development and their way of asserting their independence. This does not mean however that you listen to them. You are after all a parent and have a quarter of a decade (at least) of life experience behind you. To let them continually do something unsafe just to avoid a huge temper tantrum in the store is what I term ENABLING. How are you correcting their bad behavior? You aren’t. Yes, I understand (at least mentally although not through experience) the exhaustion of being a parent. Some days, you just don’t care, and you will do anything just to get out of there peacefully. But good parenting is also about being consistent in allowing and not allowing certain behavior. It is about following up on the consequences of bad behavior. Not just giving the child lip service.

Why I do I feel so strongly about it? I do not like dealing with children whose parents don’t bother to discipline them. Your problem is now my problem. And don’t try to sell me on the argument: “my child just has a very energetic personality.” Sure personality plays a role, but most often, misbehavior can be traced back to a basic lack of discipline in the home.

*Note: I reserve the right to change the above opinion once I have a little 3-year old hellion of my own.

--Music on blogs. I feel like I have mentioned this before, but I couldn’t find it. Perhaps I just have continual thoughts about writing a post on this topic because it annoys me so much. So this is my official plea: Don’t have an automatic music player on your blog. Because 10:1, we don’t have the same music tastes. This means that the music blaring out of my speakers when I click onto your blog is not only startling, it is also noxious to my ears. Secondly, even if I happen to like the song, 10:1, I am reading your blog while I am at work, and I really don’t want to startle myself as well as my office mate with the newest Regina Spektor single.

*Lady Susan takes a pause to catch her breath in short wheezes after such a vehement outburst. She also takes the opportunity to clear out her nose by blowing repeatedly into a tissue.*

I know; the above is a bit harsh. But there it is: unfiltered, verbal vomit. What do you expect from a person who is sick?


Retail Worker #48721093 said...

Sometimes you have to comment to the parent about their child in the shopping cart...because you're paid to do so. If you don't you get fired.

That being said, it is fun to make comments to parents about their kids...and then watch the blood pressure spike. Brings some amusement to a long day.

Ange said...

Amen to all of those gripes. Hate the music, won't do the toddler thing in the grocery store or period, and I dont' get on facebook enough to notice but yes that is hilarious. I can't quite grasp facebook yet. It's got good and bad...people could spend forever on there for sure. I think the status's should all read: is wasting time on the computer...

yola said...

Sounds like someone's in need of a good rinse with the neti pot!


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