Monday, February 23, 2009

Because I can

Time: Valentine's weekend
Place: My sister's house
Who: Mr. F. and the wee bairns

Oh, how I wished that I got a picture of Mr. F. after winning the "Pretty, Pretty Princess Game." Bwaahaaahaaa. Mr. F. adorned in purple plastic jewelry is not an image I want to forget.


Packrat said...

I saw your comment on Janssen's blog about not many people commenting on your blog. So...
In response to your Feb 19 post - Amen parenting skills. Parents are the boss not the children. As to music on blogs, I just make sure my speakers are off. Facebook is fun when actual information is shared, but I usually do a "huh"? on comments.
Hope you are all feeling better.

Lady Susan said...

Thanks Packrat! I really didn't want to sound "oh, woe is me!" on my comment, but sometimes you just have to wonder when you put your life out there on the internet whether anyone cares.

And yes, thank you, we are feeling much more "the thing."


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