Monday, December 15, 2008

Why I shouldn't be allowed to use the phone

Things you should be aware of when calling your in-laws for the first time:

1. You should know what number you are actually calling.

It is a bit disconcerting when you think you are calling the mother to hear the father answer the phone instead. It made me start panicking. Did I call his Dad's cell phone number? Is he at work? Or is this just the home number, and he hasn't left for work yet? What number is this???

2. You should know what time it is where you are calling.

Because while it borders on being acceptable to call at 8:30 in the morning, it may not actually be 8:30 if they live in a DIFFERENT TIME ZONE. (Luckily it was only a one hour time difference but still......)

*mortified shudder*

The time that it took me to recall this proper phone etiquette --5 minutes into the conversation. Well after the damage had been done.

The time it took me to end the conversation once I got the information that I needed--2 nanoseconds.

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