Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Phone Call. Part II of Mr. F. and I.

So after I met Mr. F. and invited him to the infamous baptismal party that my roommate threw for himself, I thought there might be a possibility of him giving me a call and asking me out.  After all, one doesn’t share 3 hours of small chat, hypothetical questions, and psychotic babble (from my roommate) with a perfect stranger if there isn’t some interest. 

But a week passed and he didn’t call.

And I thought, “Fine.  He seemed nice, but obviously he wasn’t interested in me.”

O.k. I lie.  I probably thought more along the lines of, “Why hasn’t he called?  It’s because he is a punk!  Obviously, I am well rid of him.  All men are punks and should be eliminated from off the face of the earth.  They only bring heartache and unhappiness to women.”

I was not at all bitter.

And then another week passed.  And at the end of the second week, I get a call from an unknown number.


LS: Hello

Unknown Person: Hi, this is [Mr. F.]  We met a while ago at your roommate’s party?

LS answers slightly breathlessly because a boy is calling her—A BOY!  She also doesn’t bother to pretend she can’t remember him.  It isn’t like she hasn’t been thinking about him for the past two weeks and wondering why had hasn’t called. 

LS: Hi

Mr. F.: A midsummer’s Night Dream is playing at the local college, would you like to go with me this weekend?

LS mentally scrolls through her calendar, noting that this part of the semester is really busy for her.  She despairs. 

LS: Um.  I would really like to but I am busy that weekend. 

LS hopes that the deep sorrow she feels in having to turn him down due to her enslavement in graduate school is properly transmitted across the great sea of radio waves separating her from Her Only Hope.  However, all Mr. F. is thinking is, “If this girl is playing me a line, I am going to kill her.” 

Mr. F.: Are you really interested in going, because it is playing for three weekends.

LS:  No, I love Shakespeare’s plays.  Unfortunately, I have a lot going on these next couple of weeks.  How about three weekends from now?  I have a biological cruise that day, but I should be able to squeeze you in.


Amazingly, he persevered despite my inadvertent attempts to sabotage the relationship—a theme of our entire courtship.

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