Saturday, December 20, 2008

My Christmas Gift

So it was remarked at our lab group Christmas party last weekend how only a year ago, I was outed in my rather secret relationship with Mr. F, and now I am happily married to him and hosting the very same party.


Flash back to last year.

The lab group is gathered around the table. People are digging into the spaghetti and meatballs with the kind of abandonment only reserved for really good food.

B: So Lady Susan, how is your boyfriend?

Lady Susan: *stammering, blinking, all together looking confused* Who told you? How do you know?

Lady Susan stops to think about how people at the lab might have heard about Mr. F. After all, she had been very careful--not mentioning his name, keeping the details of her weekends very vague and non-descript lest they get the idea that she was “going on dates.” She didn’t want people to know that she, a confirmed spinster, was in a relationship (“Can I call it a relationship,” Lady Susan thought, “I mean, I guess we are dating. He celebrated Thanksgiving with my family. He has attempted to kiss me. Wait. Don’t think about that very embarrassing moment.”). Was one of her roommates blabbing about her personal life?

B: I was giving you a hard time about Sr. Loco. Wait, are you dating someone for real?

Lady Susan blushes, knowing that she is caught red handed.

Lady Susan: Yes, I am.

The flood gates open and Lady Susan is barraged with questions from all sides. Suddenly, everyone is very interested in the conversation. How did she meet him? Where does he work? Why didn’t she invite him? And most importantly, How could Lady Susan have kept this information from them!


Good times. Looking back on this past year, I am reminded how lucky I am and what an amazing year it as been. It also reminded me that I have yet to tell the whole, sordid, embarrassing tale. (O.k. so there isn’t anything sordid at all, but there was plenty of embarrassment.) So as my Christmas gift to you, the internet at large, I will be attempting to describe the events to the best of my remembrance. I might even include some of the original emails. And yes, as always, I might take some liberties with the story telling. It is my blog after all.

Stay tuned.


Hizzeather said...

ha ha...Yeah! Can't wait to read it! :)

Misty said...


Anonymous said...

For crying out loud don't leave us hanging!!!!!!!!!!Mr. F's mother


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