Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Making Days Merry and Bright

My weekend was packed full of holiday merriment. Saturday morning, I arose early to participate in the local Jingle Bell 5k where 8-year olds, grandmothers, and (how should I phrase it) those with no apparent muscle mass blazed on by, leaving me in their frosty dust. It was a humbling experience. I did however, knock a minute or so off my mile time and beat last year's time, so I was still pretty excited. The evening was spent watching lighted sailboats on the bay, strolling about town, and sipping on steaming mugs of apple cider. All together a lovely day.

Sunday, unfortunately, found us nursing colds at home. Which, you know, was not very jolly. I was, luckily, able to rally my spirits enough to attempt the following:

If left to my own devices, I doubt I would have made the effort since we will be gone the week of Christmas. But.....I am hosting the lab group holiday party this year and that means guests. I have watched too much Martha Stewart Living in high school to refrain from decorating when having guests over. She is pretty effective in brainwashing, that Martha. So even though rogue viruses waged gorilla warfare against my natural antibodies, I appeased my inner Martha by stringing up twinkle lights and hanging multicolored glass ornaments.

Now that I am feeling better, I am glad we decorated. Every time I come down the stairs, I am filled with childish glee and have to stop myself from squealing, "It's Christmas!" I am further buoyed up in the Christmas spirit knowing that I have just finished a large chunk of my Christmas shopping.

Now I can just relax and.......work on the revisions of my thesis. Blast. There it goes again. Happiness can be so ephemeral.

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