Thursday, December 4, 2008

I'm a Believer

[wherein Lady Susan discusses bodily functions. Some people believe bodily functions have no place in public discourse (ahem…Yola). However, good news must be shared and if that good news involves bodily fluids, well then so be it.]

I find that I am often called upon to revise formerly-made snap judgments. A while ago, I was reading a blog where the author made repeated references to a severe sinus problem and how she found relief through the use of a netty pot. I was a bit disgruntled about the fact that I had to read on multiple occasions about bodily functions (see note above). Really? Do you need to share your snot problems with the world at large? Please don’t.

I was then, what you would call an unbeliever.

However, that wasn’t the last I heard of the netty pot. Soon, everyone around me was speaking of it. My sister, Mr. F., Mr. F.’s family, a friend at the lab, etc.

“It’s wonderful!” they exclaimed.

“It performs miracles,” they cried.

Well, I have my own snot problems. (Doesn’t everybody?) I am plagued with a semi-permanent plugged up nose resulting from seasonal allergies, colds, or if luck will have it, both. I think I might have stopped breathing out of my left nostril permanently, and something has taken up roost there. I can’t be certain. And as all my close friends and family were raving about this miracle product, I was hesitant to dismiss it out of hand.

“Perhaps I should try it out,” I thought. I fell back to the old cliché, “where there is smoke, there must be fire.”

So I tried it.

Perhaps it is the fact that I now have twice the amount of oxygen being shunted to my brain, but I am feeling a little bit giddy.

*cue music*

Then I saw her face, now I’m a believer
Not a trace of doubt in my mind.
I’m in love, I’m a believer!
I couldn’t leave her if I tried.

Stop the bandwagon because I want to get on--I’m a believer!

Seriously, I have been a user now for quite a few months, and I am willing to cry with the others:

“It’s wonderful!”

“It performs miracles!”

I would say it is like snorting crack but without the illegal substances.

(And because I am completely naive when it comes to drug use, I actually had to look up just now if a person can actually snort crack. You can’t. You snort coke. I suggest you do neither, but instead go out and get a netty pot.)

My preferred brand of netty pot solution (although, it is the only one I have tried):

1 tsp kosher salt
1/8 tsp baking soda

Shake this up in some warm water in your little pot and let it flow. I then repeat the process for the other side.


Lin said...

I'm embarrassed. I think I was the friend you speak of. But the snot was taking over my life!! It makes sense it took over my blog. And I tried to be as nice and non-specific as possible.

BUT, I am glad you have joined us neti pot devotees. It is a wonder. Sometimes, I go without using it and my head hates me for it. I do hope you are using the porcelain kind though, those are comfortable? haha.

Lady Susan said...


I can't actually remember whose blog it was, which is an indication that my feelings when reading it were not the same as the exaggerated account above. What can I say? Some times I tell things at a slant to make it a better story. In any case, I hope you don't feel belittled or made fun of! That was never my intent. Rather I was mocking myself and my predilection for snap judgments. A failing of mine indeed!

Kudos to the both of us having great nasal hygiene. As to the type, I actually have a plastic one. I imagine the porcelain kind would be preferred.

yola said...

Ewww, bodily functions!

The kicker is that you included a video demonstration, and I actually watched it...

Lin said...

no worries - i too exaggerated my embarrassment. haha. it was just funny reading it knowing i was mostly likely who you were talking about since i blogged about that entire ordeal extensively.

i'm extremely good at being made fun of. years of practice and two older brothers will do that to a person. :) i've got a thick skin and fabulous nasal hygiene. (perhaps those two qualities could be helpful in landing me a husband!)


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