Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Bits and Pieces

Taking a break from the normal programming of reliving bit by excruciating bit the embarrassing moments of my and Mr. F.’s courtship to give an update on the inconsequential nothings of my life.


The Thesis


Is turned in to the committee.  Although it should have been turned in before I left for the holidays, I didn’t have the time.  Nor did I really want to do it while I was gone.  And really, was my committee even going to glance at it while they were off skiing or merry making?  I don’t think so.  Or at least, that is what I told myself.  Now I have two weeks to work on my presentation before I defend.  Aack.


My Health


Is poor.  Both Mr. F. and I have contracted some deadly virus that has our bodily fluids flowing out of every orifice while making our heads empty, hollow husks.  We have also learned that suddenly switching from eating meat sparingly (at most two times a week) to every single day makes our bodies feel violated.  My colon now hates me.


Iowa (and Nebraska)


Was cold.  But I rather liked the charm of the Midwest.  It was also dry, which made my hair dry nice and straight (which was wonderful because I was too lazy to blow dry it).  I got to see bluffs, which looked a lot like hills.  This makes me wonder what the difference is between a hill and a bluff.  I would google it, but I am devoid of much energy due to the deadly virus mentioned above.


My In-laws.


Are generous.  Thanks In-laws!  It was neat to see the genetic material that combined to make Mr. F.  Visiting a family other than yours (well, the one that you grew up in) is always a trippy experience.  Growing up, I use to think no other family could have the drama associated with our family (pie wars, laundry disputes, sock stealers, etc).  But the more I see glimpses into other’s family dynamics, I realize that we are all completely normal in our dysfunction.  It is comforting.  I enjoyed hearing the stories of when Mr. F. and his siblings were younger.  The tricks they used to play.  The evil teachers they use to have etc.  It made me feel like I could be a part of this family.




Was awesome.  Because now that I am married, it’s like I get twice the amount of gifts.  The yogurt maker and whole grain cookbook I gave Mr. F.?  Mine too!  The new food processor given to Mr. F. from his folks?  Yup, will definitely take advantage of that.  I wonder if this works for birthdays too?  The downside of Christmas was that I couldn’t be two places at once.  I had to rely on phone conversations to get a feel of what was happening at my sister’s place.  They took advantage of my being gone by having seafood at every meal.  Blech.




During the holidays sucks.  Why do people think that they can get away with calling a full size suitcase or duffle bag a carry-on?  Why isn’t security cracking down on this?  And on the off chance that they can stuff the entire thing into the overhead compartment, it takes up so much space that the people with normal carry-ons (like myself) can’t fit ours in.  It is enough to make a saint get violent.



Yup.  So that was how my holidays were spent.  Now I am recuperating.

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Washington Hills said...

Lady Susan, you are cracking me and Dave up! We absolutely are crying over your heads that are hollow husks comment. Too funny! Glad you survived the holidays. Happy New Year!


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