Monday, November 17, 2008

The Question of the Past Few Months

Perhaps it is because they don’t know what else to ask me, but I am tired of answering the same question:

“How is married life?”

Usually I reply with “Good. Really good.” And when the person just continues to stare at me I might add “and I am really happy.” And then smile like I mean it. But then they go and stare at me some more, which really makes me wonder what exactly they are looking for in an answer.

Do they want the Soap Opera Answer:
“I am so unhappy I could cry”

The Quirky and a Little too Much Info Answer:
“I should have dated him for longer because I find that he has some really odd habits, like picking his bellybutton fuzz out with his teeth.”

The I am so Sweet I Will Give You a Cavity Answer:
“We are just so, so happy together. We just can’t get enough of staring soulfully into each other’s eyes knowing that we will be together forever.”

Is this question even an appropriate one to ask? I mean, I don’t necessarily go around asking long-term married couples, “So how is your marriage?” “Gone in for counseling recently?” Yeah. A bit inappropriate.

And really, aside from the built in buddy (which, don’t get me wrong, is freakin’ awesome especially for someone as anti-social as I am), married life is pretty much the same as single life: I am still in school; I am still concerned about finances. Now I just have a roommate who actually cares how my day went.

So please stop asking me how I am finding married life. Unless, that is, you want to get more specific in your questions, because I can answer the following to some degree of satisfaction:

“Does he leave the toilet seat up?”
“Does he smell like boy?”
“Have you guys had your first fight yet?”
“How do you deal with bodily functions?”
“Who steals the covers?”

To name just a few.


yola said...

Just so you know, I won't ever want to know how you deal with bodily functions. I didn't even want to know that when you were single. Bodily functions should only be discussed with doctors. Just sayin.

What I do want to know: can Mr. F do a good British accent? Australian? Southern? Oh wait a sec...

Lady Susan said...

O.k. So maybe I was lying when I said I could answer "how I deal with bodily functions" with some satisfaction. I got a bit carried away in my prose. I won't subject you to that anytime soon, Yola.

In terms of Mr. F. and an accent.....if in a certain frame of mind, he will break out in whatever accent I am sporting at the time. Lately it has been my fake Canadian/Sarah Palin accent. He actually does it quite well. He has also been known to attempt an Australian, Southern, and Irish. Oh, and since he is learning Russian--an angry Russian mafia dude. I know. I am seriously lucky.


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