Saturday, November 22, 2008

A Letter (II)

Dear Mr. F.,

Do you wonder what I was doing last night as you were camping out on an exposed campsite, braving wind chills of 19F, foraging for food while trying not to freeze, and having your tent run over by teenage boys?

I just happened to by cozily bundled under this toasty blanket of feathery down joy. Normally you complain about my down comforter. However, I think perhaps last night you might have appreciated it. I know I did.

And while I was snuggled under warm blankets, I read a very good book. Perhaps one of these days, you will have time to read it to.

Actually, I do hope that you had a good time despite the below freezing temperatures. And I really hope you don't come home with a cold, because that would really suck.

Your Cozily and Toasty Warm,
Lady Susan

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