Friday, November 7, 2008

Lady Susan’s stance against private blogs

Many of my friends have questioned whether or not they should make their blog private as they share pictures of their kids and other personal details in a public forum. I however, am against private blogs. First of all, they do not load in google reader so you have to remember to go there the actual site (and remember the web address) to see if they have updated or not. And if the person doesn’t update regularly, this is kind of a pain. Secondly, they require the extra step of logging in. I am already wasting time, people, checking your blog in the first place. I don’t need to waste any more time. I start feeling guilty. (Let’s just ignore the fact that it only takes seconds more…..whatever. Not important.)

But the main reason that I am against private blogs is that it does not allow you to blog stalk, and I do a lot of blog stalking. (I guess lurking would be the more appropriate term for what I am actually doing, but…..)

So, Mr. F. has this past life--the life before Lady Susan. It isn’t really important. But in this past life, he had a wife. Since Mr. F. often refers to her in conversation in a very general way (i.e. “Someone I knew before” etc.), I have taken to calling her She Who Must Not Be Named (SWMNBN). I get a huge chuckle out of it every single time. And whether it is appropriate or not, I have this morbid-like curiosity when it comes to details on SWMNBN, especially if they are trivial, non-important details. I am sure we could psychoanalyze this, but let’s not.

So, in the not so distant past,

Mr. F.: Did I ever tell you that SWMNBN has a blog?
Lady Susan: *gleeful gasp* No!
Mr. F.: Yeah, I remembered it not too long ago. She has updated it pretty recently.

Which started my internet stalking of SWMNBN. And it was fascinating in an Anthropological study sort of way. I mean, who really was this girl who was part of Mr. F.’s past life? I had heard stories about her, but now I could see pictures and read her thoughts. Not so bad, eh?

Except a couple of weeks ago, she had to go and make her whole blog private. Sheesh. Was there really a need to go and get all paranoid? I don’t think so. So there ends my stalking of SWMNBN. It is probably for the best. I didn’t really need to mental comparison, whether deliberate or not, or in my favor or not.

And I hope this didn’t raise the paranoia factor even more so that now all my friends are going to go private just in case someone is doing the exact same thing to them.

Relax, People. I, and people like me, are really harmless.

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Hizzeather said...


I'm a stalker, but a pretty visible one. You, of course, know this. :)

Janssen said...

Oh my heavens, I would DIE if a blog I was stalking like that went private.

I hate it when I'm blog surfing and I suddenly come up against that blogger "this is a private blog" wall. Totally disrupts my groove.


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