Monday, November 10, 2008

Just call me Barbara Kingsolver

Mr. F. and I joined a CSA. We felt like it behooved us to start supporting local farmers by eating more dark, leafy greens and other in-season produce. Oh, that and to pay for produce that was actually edible versus plunking down the change for the sad lumps of carbon that they try to pass as produce here at our grocery stores. Now we get weekly supplies of exotic heirloom vegetables such as pac choi and multiple varieties of radishes! Yesterday, I felt positively angelic as I roasted our CSA sweet potatoes to accompany our pecan crusted pork medallions and tossed a green salad peppered with rosy rounds of CSA radishes.

This past week I triumphantly sautéed kale that wasn’t bitter. (O.k…..Mr. F. sautéed the kale that wasn’t bitter, but I supervised so it is practically the same.) How delightful! Most likely this was because it was picked just a few days previously and not held in a refrigerated compartment for who knows how long to ferment and become unpalatable.

I do perceive a challenge with our weekly produce bundles, however: How to find new ways of cooking the same vegetables. Greens such as kale can replace spinach in a number of recipes, and I know of plenty of ways to cook sweet potatoes. But I hit a huge creative block when it comes to turnips and the like. This weeks’ turnips are slated for a lovely chicken pot pie. Mr. F. is also familiar in using them in such menu items as stew. However, you can’t go eating stews every week for the entire winter. It isn’t seemly.

So dear readers, do you eat many turnips? I believe that they might have gone out of fashion. Lady Susan however is bringing them back and is open to all of your suggestions.

Another potential problem…..I don’t think I like turnips. However, I believe that is because I have never really eaten them. I am pretty much determined to find a way to make them edible to my discerning taste buds. Of course it doesn’t help that Mr. F. replies with such phrases as “I don’t like roasted vegetables” and “I don’t like braised vegetables” when I am reading out potential recipes. Mr. F. indeed! I think I am going to pretend I didn’t hear him and go about business as usual. I will keep you abreast of potential winners and mishaps. I know that you will be waiting with baited breath.

The first step: CSA, the next step: selling our townhouse, moving to the wilds of New York (yes, there are New York wilds) and getting off the grid.


Hizzeather said...

You will LOVE this recipe!

yola said...

I couldn't find a recipe, but knowing how genius you are in the kitchen, you could probably improvise.

While in France, alongside my aubergine farci (eggplant stuffed with beef), I had stoemp, which seems to be a Belgian kind of mashed potatoes, pureed with leeks, turnips, onions, carrots, garlic, and spices. It was deeeeelish! Just typing that made me hungry...

Enjoy your fresh local vegetables!


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