Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Jumper

Not too long ago, I mentioned the outfit I wore when I first met Mr. F.--a sexy little jumper number. Today, as I wore the same outfit to church, I thought it would be best to document it for posterity and the internet. (Yes, I am standing precariously on the edge of our tub. Not having a full length mirror, I was trying to get the full effect of the look from the bathroom half-mirror.)

I know. It is a testament to my sparkling personality that Mr. F. did not automatically see "hapless spinster and future crazy lady."

Wait, who am I kidding? That jumper is hot, and obviously Mr. F. thinks so too.

It is also vintage. This happens to be the first (and only) dress that I ever sewed. I created this chic little number in high school during a holiday break while my sister was home from college to assist, some ten odd years ago. I am very proud of the fact that I matched the seams perfectly with the pattern, unlike the shoddy workmanship of today's pre-made clothes. The fabric, a lovely purple check cotton, is some of the best that Jo-Ann's of Walla Walla, WA had to offer back in the late 1990's.

Mock me if you will but this jumper has served me well, lasting a good 10+ years of multiple washings, providing me with comfort during long church services, and ultimately helping me snag my man. A girl can't ask for much more than that from an article of clothing!


Hizzeather said...

You should have a disclaimer that this blog has adult content...that dress is too sexy! ;)

You are freaking HILARIOUS! :D

Jon and Ange said...

Ummm, ya, can I borrow it? I think my husband will go CRAZY, if ya know what I mean :)

Misty said...

hmm...I think I remember that dress from High School. :)

Lady Susan said...

Sorry Ange, I don't think Mr. F. would like it if I loaned it out. *eyebrow waggle* However, with your mad skills you could whip out an identical one pretty quick like.

Retail Worker #48721093 said...

Yeah. I'm thinking that I also remember that from back in the day.


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