Monday, October 27, 2008

In which Lady Susan explains why she doesn't set goals

Well, I am not dead. Nor am I pregnant. What have I been doing if not providing fodder for decomposing microbes or gestating? I have been writing my thesis. Not as life changing as the other two options, but nevertheless time consuming.

I started the school year fully believing that I could write my thesis and graduate this semester. Oh, how na├»ve I was. I didn’t realize that December would be completely out—having to submit my completed, finalized thesis by the beginning of the month. Then I didn’t realize that half of November would be out because I have to give my committee my thesis a couple of weeks before I defend and defend a couple of weeks before I submit my thesis. In the end, this left me with a couple of months to completely write my thesis. And finish analyzing my data. And finish up some odd and end lab work.

Yet, I fully believed I could pull this off. (I think we have already discussed the topic of self delusion.) And I was fully supported in this fallacy by my advisor, who thought it “entirely reasonable” that I could graduate this semester. That is until I approached him close to a near breakdown--two weeks before I needed to give my committee a polished, complete draft—with only the introduction, methods, and half the results written.

My Advisor’s reply: “I guess I had unrealistic expectations.”

*Cue Lady Susan looking shell shocked*

He couldn’t have figured this out sooner? He waited until I came to him all messed up and stinking of failure to tell me that?!

At which point he goes on to explain that he was acclimated to the quick writing process of his recently graduated Ph.D. student, who sent him drafts every couple of days. On thinking back to past Master’s students, he admitted that the writing process to much longer. His excuse? “I can’t seem to remember anything farther than a couple of years in the past.”

*Advisor takes on an abstracted, remote look as if trying to delve deeper into his memory.*

So, I have been busting my butt, neglecting my blog in the attempt to achieve unrealistic academic goals. The plus side is that I am quite well along in the whole process. I should still be able to defend this semester but graduate the next. I think I can deal with that.


yola said...

Take your time and don't worry about it too much. The fact that you're quite well along in the whole process is something to be very proud of. I just thank my lucky stars I did a program that didn't require thesis-writing--what stress! Wishing you much good luck in that!


Retail Worker #48721093 said...

I am extremely envious/jealous that you even have portions of your thesis done. I'm still struggling with research. Yay?


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