Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Sr. Loco was Good for Something.

The whole identity thieving, stalking, converting to Mormonism only to quit it a few months later was good for something. If nothing else, Sr. Loco’s baptism gave me a good reason to throw Mr. F. a back-handed invitation to a party that I wasn’t throwing on first meeting him.

Lady Susan: Oh hi? You’re Mr. F.? You are friends with B and J? You guys should totally crash my crazy-stalker of a roommate’s baptism party today. He invited the whole ward …..so the more the merrier.

Little did I know that they would actually take me up on the offer.

I am sure the goal of Sr. Loco’s conversion was to solidify our imaginary relationship. He instead facilitated the meeting of my very best friend and future husband.

And kudos to Mr. F. who wasn’t turned off by the first impression—First, me in the only jumper I possess looking very much like a dowdy returned missionary. Second, me in my sweats with messy ponytail hair looking like I just woke up from a Sunday siesta. Third, me forcing him to listen to my roommate expounding on his unwritten novel which involved him being abducted by an all female alien race to be used as a love toy.

He obviously was a kindred spirit with a strong sense of the ridiculous.

Thanks for saying yes to my invitation, and then liking me for who I was.

I love you, Mr. F. I have now known you for exactly 1 year and I am so much happier because of it.


Hizzeather said...

Love the dress, LOVE the shoes, so happy to finally see pictures!

I can't believe you haven't even known him a year and you are married! I am way jealous. Cody & I knew pretty quickly that we belonged together too, but it's been over 3 years since we met. Obligations have gotten in the way. :)

You look deliriously happy, and I am very happy for you!!!! <3

Wild Rose said...

what a beautiful posting ...

yola said...

the first time I read this post was on my iphone rss reader, so I didn't see these photos until now. Beautiful! You both look so happy and picture perfect!


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