Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Viva La France

While I am sure there are certain detractions resulting from a large French populace—the continual demand for liberty, equality, fraternity, and what have you—there are unquestionable benefits as well. The French know their food. Walking around Ottawa, I was amazed by the number of specialty cheese shops, not to mention the bakeries. Oh! The bakeries!

*a small pause here while Lady Susan recovers from her swoon brought on by the reflections of the feel of buttery fingers and the smell of tangy, yeasty, French loaves*

I live in an area deprived of all baked goods—like there is some unspoken or invisible embargo preventing the establishment of any decent bakery or coffee shop. My excursion into Ottawa, therefore, where planted on every street corner is a French pastry shop seemed like a glimpse of heaven.

I performed my civic duty of ensuring their continual success by patronizing these establishments on a regular basis. This was my particular favorite, located at the ByWard Market.

On my last day in Ottawa, I visited this bakery no less than three times. That was how sad I was to leave it. It also brought me the best breakfast that I had during my entire stay in Ottawa.

And, while I may have experienced an incident later on in the day, said incident by no means compromised my opinion.

My experience in Ottawa and its lovely bakeries left me wishing that the French had held on a little bit longer to their territories here in the New World.

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