Thursday, August 21, 2008

Small Blessings

I am grateful for the small things in life. Today, for example, as I was touring Ottawa and in pretty much the middle of nowhere, I got suddenly and violently ill. Like, I needed to find a loo Right Away. Most likely this was do to the massive amount of berries I stuffed in my face this morning for breakfast. Whatever the cause, I was in a desperate circumstance. Frantically, I looked left and right seeing if there was a nearby building that would by sheer luck have a restroom that I could beg, barter, or bribe to use. I thanked my lucky stars when I noticed, not more than a few yards from where I was standing, a public restroom attached to a park of some sorts. Never was I more happy or relieved to see and use a park bathroom than at that very moment.

Let this be a lesson: prayers are answered and moderation should be taken in your berry eating.

1 comment:

Hizzeather said...

Oh dear...that reminds me so much of Ukraine. We'd get sick a lot eating that food and when you're out and about all day, you can get into desperate circumstances. I was even grateful if I was able to find one of their lovely holes in the ground with two bricks during those times...yikes! Oh, the memories! :)


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