Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Corny as Kansas in August

I know. I’ve been hiding. It’s what I do when get stressed out and anxious. Because there is nothing worse than talking about the Thing that is stressing you out while you are gripped in its power. I find that talking about one’s predicament only intensifies the crazy feelings—making one even more of a mess. And trust me, I don’t need any more crazy.

But as we are four days from the wedding and most of the major items are tacked down and arranged—(Hush Mr. F. I don’t want to hear your list encompassing tux pick ups, car servicing, and lunch packing)--I can breathe a bit more easily and share with you some of the particulars. Because there is no way I can actually work when I am four days from getting hitched!

I am getting married here:

My bouquet will look a bit like this--only without the over-priced orchids. It seems like my talent for inadvertently picking out the most expensive items remains in full force. And while I really, really like the orchids, I really, really don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on a flippin’ floral arrangement. I know…..silly. But there it is. So ixnay on the orchids. Everyone else will be in white and black so I wanted my bouquet to be a patch of brightness.

I can’t show you the wedding dress because it is being made for me. But I can show you my shoes:

Yes, they are orange. And are pretty much awesome. And will look great with my “going away” outfit which consists of this paired with this (in orange).

Afterwards we will have a nice dinner here for those attending the wedding. I pretty much fantasize about French food so I insisted on it as wedding fare. Mr. F and I ate dinner here about a month or two ago and were not at all disappointed.

For the honeymoon, we are fulfilling my wildest dreams and are going HERE. It did take some masterful Jedi mind tricking on my part to convince Mr. F., but in the end he succumbed. Actuality—no. It did not take much coercion on my part despite what most people initially think. He thought it a splendid idea from the beginning—which is why I am marrying him. And don’t worry. I am making sure that he experiences minimal cultural shock by making him watching Anne of Green Gables and Anne of Avonlea on the weekends.

So it wasn’t until last night and today…..when I felt like all the major pieces had come together…..that I felt excited. Really excited. Before, the stress and the anxiety were keeping my happy, excited thoughts at bay. Blast them! I am glad they finally showed up, because I was starting to wonder why I wasn’t more excited and happy. And last night, as I was driving home with my new car radio that Mr. F laboriously installed into my ghetto car, I felt so gosh darn lucky that I was marrying such a fabulous guy. Had I not been so tired, you would have seen me frolicking around the streets of Southern Maryland singing this song—if I had remembered all the words that is.


Heather said...

Thank you for sharing the details!!!! I am so so so excited for you! You are going to look smashing in your going away outfit...I LOVE the shoes! Congratulations my dear and I better get to see photos in one way or another!!!

yola said...

Love the shoes dahling! Can't wait to see you!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations! I married a Canadian and still have yet to visit PEI, so all I can say is, "I am jealous, jealous, JEALOUS!!!" Your wedding plans, honeymoon, and Mr. F, sound absolutely romantic. I am here swooning over it...seriously. I hope it is the most perfect day!

Heather said...

WE WANT PICTURES! WE WANT PICTURES! And don't give me any lip about married women not having any time! :)


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