Wednesday, May 7, 2008


My term paper is more or less done, and I feel like writing on my blog. Why do I want to write on my blog? Because if I write, people will actually come and read my blog….perhaps. The majority of the people visiting my blog these days are people googling Cranford. While there could be worse demographics to attract, I would like to attract the kind of visitors who like leaving comments--nice, clean, and non-scary comments that is.

But because I just finished my term paper (with the oh-so-awesome title: the response of community structure to environmental variability in a comparative multivariate analysis for Chesapeake and Delaware Bays), my brain is fried people, fri-ied (cue the 90’s drug commercials with the eggs, “this is your brain, this is your brain on drugs.”). That is why I am stealing an idea from another blog.

The idea is to answer this sentence:

When I was a kid, I had an irrational crush on [fill in the blank].

Now the idea is that you, dear readers, leave your answers in the comments. And remember, playing is fun.

O.k. Here we go. My most irrational crush would probably be on Robin in the Disney cartoon version of Robin Hood. That’s right; I had a crush on a cartoon fox. But I think it was all about the accent. He sounds like Peter Lawford, and I had/have a crush on him too. I have a long and abiding crush on Gilbert Blythe, but that isn’t irrational so it doesn’t count. My next irrational crush would be preference for much older and more mature TV actors at the very young age of 7. That would include Richard Dean Anderson on MacGyver and George Peppard who played Hannibal on the A-Team. Sometimes, I liked Face, but he was obviously just the pretty boy, while Hannibal was the brains behind the operation. MacGyver was cool because he made bazookas out of car mufflers. Dude!

So there ya go. My irrational crushes. What were yours?


yola said...

OMG, I had a crush on the cartoon Robin Hood too! I used to pretend being a fox princess. :)

Others (including book characters): Jeremy the rat from the Rats of NIMH (I know!), and Taran Assistant Pig Keeper of the Lloyd Alexander Prydain series. Dwayne Wayne on A Different World. Sam on Quantum Leap. Jonathan Firth (brother of Colin) when he was on Covington Cross....gosh the list could go on, but I'll stop there.

Congrats on finishing your paper!

Lin said...

Let's see. Prince Philip from Sleeping Beauty (he totally has more "depth" than all those other charming princes) fact i have a little bit of a crush on him still.

also Dick van Dyke. I used to stay up late and watch his show with my Grandad. He was funny and humor is the way to my heart.

and here's the weirdest. I'm pretty sure I LOVED Crocodile Dundee. I used to watch those movies a lot. haha. I don't really remember that though so I could be wrong.

Finally, (and this holds true to this day) Christian Bale in Newsies. I used to listen to the tape for hours in my room and day dream. I still dream about that man. hmmm.

k...i could probably go on forever and find much more embarrassing things. but there you have it.

Anonymous said...

Lin--I had a crush of Prince Phillip too! I used to pretend I was Aurora in the woods and he would come and we would dance together. *Sigh* I also watched Crocodile Dundee a lot! I am sure there was a crush there too.

Christian Bale--completely rational. Nuff said.

MBC said...

There's a book, Mrs. Mike, which is biographical fiction, that I read (and reread and reread) in the 5th grade and I had a HUGE crush on the main male character. He was a real person but he'd been dead for a number of years by the time I read the book. All the same, I dreamed of living in the Northwest Territory and being his wife (even though he had one--that's what the book is about).

And I loved Christian Bale, too! But from Empire of the Sun, not Newsies.


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