Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Riding My Bike in the Rain

I rode my bike to the lab today……in the rain. I didn’t ride my bike in order to lessen my carbon footprint and to do my part in conserving our nation’s precious limited resources. That is the reason that I ride my bike on nice, sunny days. Nor did I ride my bike in the rain because I was feeling all hardcore and wanted the exercise. This morning’s rain would have even prevented me from going on my normal run—a nice steady, drenching rain. Nope. I rode my bike to work in the rain because that was the only way I was going to get there.

Miss Mabel, my geriatric car, is acting up……again. I won’t bore you with the details and my woes, but let’s just say that the whole situation is bordering on a farce, or even a fiasco. The scenario is ridiculous not to mention damaging to the ol’ pocketbook. However, I must say that as I was riding to work with the rain dripping off my helmet and nose, I felt rather empowered. Not even a dead car nor the harsh elements could prevent my from going where I needed to go. I just hopped on my bike, and with the power of my two legs, I took myself there. The greatest thing? I didn’t even have to ask Sr. Loco for a ride. That, my friends, would have been torture. I much prefer getting soaking wet than spending 10 minutes in isolated company with him.

Things I was particularly grateful for this morning: hot herbal tea, a warm shower, and waterproof saddle bags.

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