Friday, May 23, 2008

A Letter

Dear Mr. F.,

I am afraid there is something you should know. I have been engaged before. And no, I am not talking about Sr. Loco; that was a very one-sided affair. No, I was engaged to a man with whom I shared a very, very long relationship. Twenty years in fact. Twenty years of faithful, abiding, true love.

It was a long engagement—just over two years. He proposed on my 27th Birthday, and I am embarrassed to admit that we, Gil and I, were still engaged even when you and I were dating. After all, I didn’t know where our relationship was heading, and I wanted a contingency plan. He didn’t mind. Obviously, I have called it off since we our now official, although Gil and I remain “good friends”. But I thought you should know. I want no secrets from you.

I bring this up because I recently posted my and Gil’s engagement photo as my facebook profile. It’s such a lovely picture, and the only recent photo I have of Gil. But, I am afraid that a number of my friends, especially those from Ukraine with whom I don’t keep in close contact, are confused. You see, they believe the photograph to be a picture of my current engagement, and that Gil is really you. (They think him very handsome by the way). Perhaps I shouldn’t have posted that particular picture, especially so soon after announcing our engagement, but the damage is done. I did hasten to mention to my friends that the photo is an older one and not of you and me, but I expect the confusion will remain for a little while longer.

Please know that I never meant to deceive you or my friends. The only engagement that matters to me, Love, is the present one.

Lady Susan

P.S. I really think we should take more pictures of the two of us, darling, that I could then post. I am sure that will help in clearing up the confusion.


Heather said...

I love it! :)

David and Shelly said...

I wonder how many women this "Gil" is engaged to at the same time!!! Does he even exist??
You make me giggle!


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