Wednesday, May 21, 2008

1.21 gigawatts

Over at The Voice of Reason, Miss Nemesis’ Gentleman Friend propositioned her to elope to Gretna Green--other wise known as Vegas in this day, age, and country. Why the sudden rush for matrimonial bliss? Two words: Flux Capacitor. Who knew that these two words, spoken from a woman’s lips, could make men’s knees go weak and force declarations of love and marriage?
And while I no longer find myself in the situation where I need to “force a man’s hand,” I had to test the power of these words.

Me texting Mr. F.:

Me: Would you jump me if I starting talking about flux capacitors? Just curious.
Mr. F.: Not until you mentioned 1.21 gigawatts.

See?! Powerful stuff. Only, I kind of wish that I had waited until after I saw him next to mention it because then we could have made out afterwards. It obviously turns them on—all that geeky talk. Sigh. Too bad. However, I can prepare myself for future encounters by brushing up on my Star Wars, Quantum Leap, and Buffy trivia, since they too produce positive results.

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David and Shelly said...

A scream, such a scream!


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