Wednesday, April 9, 2008


I received a congratulatory email from a high school friend in regards to my engagement. She asked me a very important question:

“Just one question...does he have Percy's torso like in the dueling scene of The Scarlet Pimpernel? I don't need to know details; I can just forever picture us in high school watching that movie in your house (incredibly) late at night with huge eyes.”

Confession: I had a fetish for men in breaches. Well….specifically for men in breaches who also have flat torsos and lean hips. *blush.* And in case you are ignorant of that particular movie and scene (one of my favorites), I have included a clip.

I could pretend that this fetish was just a product of my frenzied, hormonally charged high school mind which I have since grown out of, but who would I be kidding? I still have a fetish for flat torsos, lean hips, and forearms. Forearms you ask? Yes. Forearms are very attractive. Had you been privileged to watch Strictly Ballroom with me in high school, you would have listen to a complete dissertation on forearm sexiness. Need proof? Here is a clip. Note that Scott, the protagonist, has the trifecta: flat torso, lean hips, and nicely defined forearms. *Swoon*

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chou said...

How can you be cruel enough to post two of my favorite movie clips in one spot? Now my writing is suffering. Who cares about plasticization of wafers with increasing water levels anyway?


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