Friday, March 21, 2008

The Proposal, Part II

A little note before we begin part two. I should like to point out that certain facts might have been ever so slightly tweaked for literary flow and dramatic flair. The opinions stated here are certainly not those of Mr. F. and may not even be of me, Lady Susan. I will leave it to the reader to discern between truth and irony.

Wherein Mr. F. attempts to bring up the M. word

Supposedly Mr. F. attempted to bring up the topic of marriage prior to his out-of-the-blue proposal. I say supposedly, because all I have before me to judge is hearsay. He says he consulted with his mother and sister as to ways he could broach the topic. (All of which were deemed straight away as unsuccessful.) He also says that he tried steering conversations from less general observations to more specific. To which I say, “bollocks!” Or perhaps something more lady like such as, “I should say not.”

The truth of the matter is this: Mr. F. had plenty of chances to advance the topic as I unwittingly brought up the subject no less than half a dozen times during the two weeks prior. And no, I was not exercising my womanly wiles in order to force him to the point. Friends were getting engaged left and right, consulting me as to their registry, wedding plans, etc., such that marriage became part of my life’s dialogue. Which begs the question, did Mr. F. say, at any point in the midst of this general marriage talk, “Hey baby, what think you of blowing this popsicle stand, jetting to Vegas, and getting hitched?” No. Well, and not because he would never say anything like that. This just proves my point: Mr. F. did not try very hard to bring up the subject of marriage.

Ironically, mere hours before the actual proposal, I introduced the topic. The night before at a conference, my lab mates shared proposal stories. As it turns out, our lab group ranges to whole gamut of proposals from the hilarious, to the elaborate, to the extremely casual. So of course, I related them all to Mr. F. as we were driving home. Still no dice. Perhaps though he thought it was too late to bring up the subject. I mean, I can see it being rather awkward…..

Mr. F.: So you know that conversation that we had five minutes ago in the car?

Lady Susan: Yeah?

Mr. F.: Let’s make it a reality. Oh, and by the way, here is a ring that I ordered weeks ago, long before we even talked about this.

Yeah. Kind of spoils the moment. So, I guess I will forgive him for surprising me utterly and completely.

Note: I know what you readers are thinking. You are thinking that I am incredibly dense. And to some extent……you are absolutely correct. However, I should mention that Mr. F. stated, quite emphatically and on multiple occasions, that he would never propose to a girl he had not dated for a significant amount of time. I think he might have even mentioned the phrase, “at least a year.” So you see? Even though I was thinking that it was highly probable that we would eventually “get hitched,” I also knew (or thought I did) that it would be quite a while before the subject came up.

“Little did [s]he know.”

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Jon and Ange said...

Lady Susan, you freaked me right one out, I couldn't understand who posted a comment on my blog...I looked at yours, no name, no pictures. I started reading, "I think I know this person," Is it my long lost companion from the most beautiful place on earth, Petrovsky??? I went back to the comment tried to dicifer the mixed russian and english letters, why yes, it's my LOVELY, WITTY, Newly engaged companion. WOWSERS! Okay now I need pictures my friend. YEAH!!! Congrats on your upcoming wedding, so so exciting. Email me darling!


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