Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I jinxed myself

Here I was, all set to enjoy my 29th year in spinsterhood bliss when fate had to go and pull a fast one on me. One month after my celebratory birthday post, I get proposed to by the elusive Mr. F. (who, by the way, has long since ceased to be elusive, but that is besides the point.)

In true Lady Susan style, I sent out the following email to all asundry (the names have been changed to protect the not-so-innocent):

Once upon a time, there was a girl whose heart was set on becoming an old spinster. Not the kind of spinster that smells and has twenty cats, but rather a spinster who travels to exotic places, studies charismatic marine mega fauna, engages in lofty thinking, and wears very funky, cool clothes. This girl was me. Those were my dreams. Unfortunately, dreams are often shattered by cruel, harsh reality, as mine were just two days ago. Here are the tragic events as they transpired:

1) I meet a guy named Mr. F at church. I invite him, along with mutual friends, to the party that my stalker roommate is throwing. My stalker roommate is celebrating the complete assimilation of my identity--his baptism into my church (a fascinating story by the way, but not one I will relate here.) But you dear constant readers of Lady Susan know the complete story. Don't you feel special?!

2) Mr. F., after meeting me, waits a conservative three weeks to call me and ask me to a play. The play however is not for another three weeks. This is deemed way too long.

3) Mr. F. schemes to see me before the play by inviting me through a friend for a casual dinner. As planned, I am impressed by his domestic skills and swoon over his homemade key lime pie.

4) We attend the play.

5) I start dating him.....I think. (You will notice the uncertainty here. This is because I seem to be mentally two steps behind during our whole courtship. "What, we are dating? What, we are couple?" You know, that sort of thing.)

6) During Thanksgiving, I introduced Mr. F. to members of my family. He is deemed "not creepy," "very clean," and "very nice." This is a very good sign. I also forgive him for steeling away the affection of my niece and nephew--the little turncoats.

7) After dating him for two months, I finally allow myself to be seen with him at a church function despite the frenzied speculation that I know will follow.

8) Time passes in which we have a lot of fun.

9) Because I don't want Mr. F. to think that I am taking this relationship more seriously than he is (guys being afraid of commitment and all)......I studiously evade all his attempts to bring up the topic of marriage. (However, in my defense, he didn't seriously try and was easily deflected.)

10) On March 8, 2008 Mr. F. surprises me completely by asking for my hand in marriage.

11) I say yes.

I guess there is a time in every girls life that she must put away her girlish, romatic dreams and embrace reality. I suppose this is mine.

Mournfully yours,
Lady Susan

So that is what most of my friends and relatives recieved and read. However, I think the truly dedicated readers of this blog deserve a more complete re-telling. However I think the story deserves its own separate post so stay tuned. (*crickets chirpping* You mean, there is no one reading this blog after a month plus hiatus?! Horror!)

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Heather said...

Oh my good gracious I love your blog! I found it by accident when I was looking at Ange's blog and saw a link to 'Cectpa McVorichka' and thought, "What the heck?" :)
I love the way you should dump that fishy stuff and be a writer, a writer for those of us who long for more books like Austen and Montgomery. Because I have read all of their books, many many times, and although I will continue to read them over and over again, I'd like to read new books too! :)
Love you! I'll keep checking your blog!


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