Wednesday, February 6, 2008

RIP Jean Louise

So, have your minds been running rampant with speculation these past few weeks about where I am and what am I doing? I would like to explain away my absence by saying that I was vacationing in northern Italy or conducting tropical reef research in Hawaii or Australia, but that would just be wishful thinking on my part. In reality, I have been engaged in one of my top three most hated activities: shopping for a used car. (The other two being: finding a job and finding housing.) Notice I say a “used” car. Buying a new car is a cinch given that you have an income significantly over the pathetic amount we like to call minimum wage in our country; however I am not one of those blessed individuals. Buying a used car, however, is a perfect nightmare. Gah!

Why though, you ask, was I shopping for a used car? Because some idiot in a BMW didn’t listen to his mamma when she said you should look both ways before crossing the street and drove right smack into me. Here I was, pious Lady Susan driving to church, when I see this big black car make contact with the front, driver side quarter panel. While no people were hurt in this instance, Jean Louise was found totaled.

This brings me to another point. Auto insurance companies discriminate against the elderly. Just because Jean Louise was old and had a number of miles on her, does not mean that she had no value as a car. She had a lot of value….especially to me. Instead of being fixed like a younger, prettier car would have been under the circumstances, she was mercilessly put down---smashed to smithereens and converted into scrap metal. I deeply mourn her passing.

I had little time to mourn for Jean Louise’s passing though. The semester started at the end of January and ramped up pretty quickly. I did not have the luxury to bide my time and wait for the perfect opportunity. So in the end, I went with another retired lady: Miss Mabel. Miss Mabel is a 1998 Toyota Camry who has seen a bit of this world (144,000 miles). She has aged remarkably well and has kept in great shape. I hope that we will be traveling companions for a good long while.

I find that cars reflect life. As an older, unmarried woman (read spinster), I drive old, aged vehicles. However, what if I were to retire my title of spinster and become, say, a soccer mom? Would I then get to drive Subaru or Volvo wagons to games? It might just be worth it.


Retail Worker #48721093 said...

I'm an "older, unmarried woman" and I drive a 2-door Ford Focus (also with a dented front panel)that is coveted by many a high school aged boy. How does this fit in the theory?

yola said...

Hey, Miss Mabel and the Blue Tiger are the same age! Except Tiger only has about half the mileage...I find it amusing that you name your cars with old lady names, and I name mine with animal names (Beastie and Tiger). What does that say about us?

Shall miss Jean Louise--she took me cross-country in style...and I'm glad your accident wasn't worse than it was.


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