Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Wherein Lady Susan Stays Home

I woke up this morning feeling nauseous. I hate waking up and feeling nauseous. It is a real killjoy to your morning, ya know? And it was a day that I was supposed to go running, which didn’t happen. Because although I can run in the rain and with a head cold, I can’t run when I feel like hurling. I mean, I often feel like hurling when I run anyway. I don’t want to start the run feeling like that.

I toyed around with the idea of staying home, but it felt like the weak thing to do. So I rallied enough to shower, get dressed, and go into work. However I was saved from myself by my lab mate. On hearing that I was feeling poorly, she pointed out the stupidity of me coming into work (when we are technically on a break, mind you) when I could be at home recuperating by watching movies, reading books, and sleeping. All of which sounded like heavenly pursuits. So that is what I did.

I went home, took off my “I need to look presentable clothes”, enshrouded myself in fleece, and watched movies, read books, and slept. It was lovely. The movie I watched was the new Sense and Sensibility that will be airing on PBS soon. You can find the complete movie on youtube. That is until word gets out and it is taken off due to infringement of copyright laws. Nazis.

To stay home sick growing up, we either had to be puking our guts out or have an elevated temperature. My mom would say, “If you feel well enough to watch television, you are well enough to go to school.” Which although I thought it was extremely lame rule growing up, it has ironically lodged itself firmly into my conscience--hence, my feeling of needing to go into work. It was nice today to let such standards slide and take it easy.

I still feel a bit grumbly in the gut, but nothing too bad. Hopefully all will be in order by tomorrow. Until then, I am enjoying my recouperation.

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