Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Polenta Virgin No More

If you are going to label yourself as a foodie, there are certain foods and techniques with which you need to be familiar. Every year there seems to be a different focus. 2007 for example, seemed to be all about braising. If you weren’t braising, you weren’t cooking. Polenta was hot maybe……oh, five seasons ago, but whatever. As you well know by now, I don’t concern myself with punctuality.

The recipe that caught my eye for this week was Polenta with Tomato-Braised Beans. See…..polenta and braising in one. Whoohoo! This was pretty easy-peasy (although the polenta stirring bit was a tad tedious) and VEGAN. (That is a shout out to you, Dr. C!). Well, it started off vegan, and then I loaded my dish with some parm so…..

It calls for fresh parsley and sage, and I would suggest that you make the effort to use fresh instead of substituting dried. And while it only calls for a tablespoon of parsley…..go ahead and triple that and make it more worth your while. Parsley is pretty benign as an herb so why not indulge?

Anyway, it was pretty tasty those tomato-braised beans. And paired with a nice creamy polenta, you can do no wrong—I even had seconds.

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