Thursday, January 17, 2008

My name is Lady Susan and I am a musical junkie.

I watched a lot of musicals growing up. Musicals few have heard of and are now difficult to locate. Good News anyone? In an alternate universe, where I have a voice to go with my love of acting and dancing, I would be a MDT (music dance theater) major and be a poor starving artist in New York (not to be confused with being a poor starving marine biology graduate student that is my current reality).

I related to Ann Miller a lot (well not to the blue eye shadow).

My favorite song from show boat. One of the few songs that I know all the lyrics to. I had a tape of songs from the musical Show Boat that I would listen to every night for years.

Meet Me in St. Louis: A musical that my sisters and I used to watch a lot. And yes, this is one of our favorite songs from it.

And now for the more obscure ones......

A Date with Judy. Man, I love the harmony! And what kind of name is Oogie? Or however he is called.

And last but not least. I dreamed about being Cyd Charisse and really vamping it up.

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yola said...

Fun clips! That Date with Judy one left me wondering what happened to her...drat, now I'll have to go track that one down!

I'm still waiting for that Frank Sinatra movie, Higher and Higher to come out on DVD because you can't find it anywhere anymore. That's a fantastic one, as I recall, though more just singing than dancing I think.

And if I had legs like Cyd, I can guarantee you I wouldn't waste it on being a librarian. ;)


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