Monday, January 14, 2008

Lady Susan turns 1!

Well, she did a couple of days ago. What do they say? Art reflects life? How fitting, ‘cause in real life, I am tardy for actual birthdays too.

It is amazing what can happen over a course of a year. If nothing else, this blog has documented events otherwise forgotten. For example:

*The Lady Wicker Saga
*A brief mental aberration (read crush) which resulted in inedible muffins. What? You mean that I never specifically mentioned what caused me to forget the sugar? It was a result of me going gaga over a boy. And not even a worthy specimen of the opposite sex. Rather, he was/is a punk and not worth the time spent thinking about him.
*My realization that I had been lied to since the fifth grade and the coming to grips with my biological clock.
*The whole tortuous Sr. Loco saga which resulted in his taking over my entire life and us somehow dating.
*My crazy fish-rearing meltdown.
*My search for the perfect cake and induction as the lab birthday cake baker.
*The meeting of Mr. F. Now this is something I feel slightly guilty about. Because while I did describe what we did on our first date, I didn’t tell you about any of our interactions. Like the part where I answered the door and he said, “Gee, you’re dressed up” (or something to that affect) which made me paranoid the entire night that I was too dressed up. And then the part at the end of the night when he was dropping me off and I thought he might kiss me goodnight so I bolted for the door like a startled rabbit. See, I couldn’t tell you these things before because 1) they are embarrassing and 2) I had a sneaking suspicion that he might read the blog (which he does now but whatever…). A lot more other embarrassing events have occurred too, because I am talented that way, yet I haven’t blogged about them. Perhaps though, they will slowly appear over time. Time has a way of taking embarrassing moments and turning them into amusing stories.

Anyway, who knew that in such a brief period of time and in such a remote location that so many things could happen? Any loyal readers out there have some favorite posts they would like to share? *crickets chirping* O.k. so I don't actually have an enormous fan base......or any fan base for that matter, but a girl can dream right? Here is to another year and more stories!

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Lin said...

i pretty much love that you mentioned the kissing thing. :) and just so you know, i may not be very good at commenting, but i am a faithful reader....and relating embarrassing moments usually makes them funnier faster. i'm just saying. haha. happy "birthday" - i can't wait for more stories.


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