Monday, January 7, 2008


If I never get married, I am going to hie myself off to England and establish myself as a respectable spinster in little village of Cranford. A quaint village comprised mostly of single women (with an occasional odd man to assist in the heavy manual labor) seems like an idyllic setting in which to retire and come to grips with my old maideness.

Unfortunately, such a place doesn’t really exist. Cranford is actually the imagined product of the great authoress, Elizabeth Gaskell--whose pen wrote the other brilliant novels: Wives and Daughters and North and South. (And if you have not read these books or seen these literary adaptations, you can in no wise call yourself an Anglophile. And while I am making broad sweeping classifications I might as well add that you are also highly deficient in your knowledge of Great Works.)


Like all things great and wonderful, this show is produced by the BBC. However this also means that IF it is aired in the states, it will air six months to a year later. (This is where I release a huge sigh and seriously think about immigration.) However, thanks to the internet and individuals with a disregard for copyright laws, you can watch Cranford on youtube, which is how I have been occupying my spare time. Aficionados of British period pieces will recognize many favorite actors.

* * * * * * * * *

[Mary assisted Dr Harrison in setting Jem Hearne's broken arm]

Miss Deborah Jenkyns: Dr Harrison was full of praise for you. He said you were the equal of a man.
Mary Smith: Did he?

Miss Deborah Jenkyns: And I corrected him. No woman is the equal of a man - she is his superior in every single case.


yola said...

They showed Jane Eyre on Masterpiece last night and I turned it on just at THE scene and it made me cry. 2 hours later, I hoorayed out loud when they announced the Complete Jane Austen which starts next Sunday. Yippee! I'm especially curious about the new Sense and Sensibility since I haven't seen it yet and look forward to watching Northanger Abbey again.

Oh and apparently Cranford will be on PBS in May. See the schedule.

牛肉麵King said...

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