Monday, December 31, 2007

“What with one thing and another, three years passed.”

Well, not three years exactly. But saying “what with one thing and another [seventeen days] passed” sounds lame, and it looks stupid with the brackets. Looking at my blog, I see that November and December are dismally lacking in posts. Part of the blame can be laid at the door of conferences, finals, papers, and holidays, but let us acknowledge that a large part of the blame can be attributed to the elusive Mr. F.—the monopolizer of the little spare time I possess. If you miss me and my posts, you should send your grievances to his attention.

So Christmas. I have decided that Christmas is best celebrated when you are poor. I have always secretly longed for the Christmases described in the Little House on the Prairie books. Their favorite Christmases always included some special food for dinner, lots of snow and great excitement over small, lovingly prepared gifts. They were perfectly happy with a Christmas orange and striped drugstore candy. This Christmas was the closest I’ve had to such an experience. Out of financial necessity, commercialism was stripped away leaving the essential: family, food, and good times. Little gifts such as socks and pajamas were exciting, wonderful, and unexpected. We spent the holiday week on a sheep farm in upstate New York and for the first few days even experienced some decent snow. I indulged heavily in my favorite things: food, laughter, books, and sleep. What could be more wonderful?

This year’s favorite Christmas memories:
*decorating cookies with the wee bairns.
*watching the wee bairns play with their Star Wars life sabers. C saying, “fight me Darth Vader!”
*opening a box containing wool from Pammie-Lammie—sheepess extraordinaire and having no idea what to do with it.
*singing Christmas carols around the piano.
*endowing my wish for the new year on the sacrificial yule log and watching it burn.
*watching a slide show of Christmases past and present.

And because it seems to capture all my thoughts for this year’s Christmas, All that I want by the Weepies is my favorite Christmas song.

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