Thursday, October 11, 2007

Male PMS

Supposedly it is a real thing, now being called Irritable Male Syndrom (IMS). Whatever it is, I think Sr. Loco has it. He got seriously pouty when I took objection to his having friends over late tomorrow. Umm….thanks for the heads up? Some of us still have to wake up early and work? (Truth be told, I objected more to how he said it than the actual fact “I am having friends over late tomorrow yo!”). But he seriously stalked out of the room. If his hair was long enough, he would have flipped it. And then he slammed the door. Hello? How old are you? Is he a moody, angsty teenager masquerading as a graduate student? That would explain a lot.

All week I have been getting the pouty one word response to enquiries. Little does he know that it makes me all the more inclined to ask inane and probing questions. So yeah, someone is seriously moody in this house and it isn’t the females. I just hope that he doesn’t play queen bee and throw me off. I hate it when that happens.


Anonymous said...

maybe Sr. Loco has found the blog? there is that whole church leak now and he knows those who know the blog.. or is irritated you didn't give him a ride home? or tired of you spurning his awkwardly placed attempts at developing a closer stalker /stalkee relationship? I know I am pmsing/// just tired and cranky.

Anonymous said...

I know, I thought that too. (paranoia of a guilty conscience?) At which point, I wouldn't necessarily blame him for giving me one word responses. On the other hand, he litterally hands me me fodder. It seems criminal and wastefull not make use of this material.

In anycase, I benefit from not having to derive excuses to go to the park, go fishing, go dancing, etc. Though I should keep a look out for any psychotic, violent behavior. The rage of a man scorned and all that.

Retail Worker #48721093 said...

And get a lock for your bedroom door. How the heck did you end up with him for a housemate anyhow? Email me the story if you must.


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